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Global top micro channel feature integration

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Micro channel function integration

CloudCC, with the micro channel for the perfect integration, is based on micro channel functionthe to provide customer fast and accurate data, which optimize the business processes and procedures.


Improve working efficiency

Let the company's employees regardless of the size of the position be linked to each other for cooperation and win-win. Using custom applications for cooperation on sales opportunities, service cases, marketing activities and projects.

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Provide excellent service

With powerful micro channel feature integration to help customers achieve mutual assistance, self-help, so you create a wealth of self-help experience. Make your customer service staff to obtain customer feedback in time, and focus on the most complex and most influential issues.

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Enhance brand influence

Through the micro channel for direct use of CloudCC system, it is to retain users in the use habits of micro channel end, at the same time, directly receive customer feedback of advice and suggestions on the brand and product, build customer trust in the brand,make close contact with customers, help you to promote trade faster.

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Improve working enthusiasm

Using social and mobile capabilities, the work space is transferred from the reality to the mobile network. So that employees at any time could get the required business information, thereby greatly improving the enthusiasm of employees.

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Make operation anytime, anywhere

Micro channel end with all the data of the PC side will be real-time synchronization, through sliding mobile phone screen to carry out all the business, completely free of time and geographical constraints.

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Explore how to use micro social assistance to carry out your business.

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