Management team

Gary Gu Mr. American Technology Laboratory

Mr. Gary Gu, graduated from New York State University in the United States, received a doctoral degree, expertises in the field of finite element calculation. As one of the CloudCC technology founders, Gary Yu put a lot of time, based on the current international open source framework making the combination of the finite element method, achieved the stability of the CloudCC technology architecture, providing support for the continuous improvement of CloudCC platform.

Jack Ke Mr. American Technology Laboratory

Mr. Jack Ke , at the University of North Carolina in the United States for the post doctoral work, graduated from North Carolina State University, received a doctoral degree. He is one of the CloudCC technical architecture founder, expertises CFD and parallel computing. Jack has many years of experience in computer software research and practice, has a certain research experience on the cloud computing technology architecture. He is a major contributor to the infrastructure CloudCC platform.

Mr. Sun Mandi Chief consultant and CEO

Sun Mandi graduated from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and received a master's degree, one of the founders of the company, has worked for the company or governmental agencies such as Hong Kong science and technology University, Novartis, China Mobile, digital China, the office of the information industry in Hunan Province, TEAMSUN on providing cloud computing and enterprise management consulting services. In 2006, joined the SaaS and cloud computing business, has rich experience the development of domestic and international cloud computing. In 2008,he got Asia Pacific's first access to becoming certified expert.

Mr. Zhang Changwen Consultant and CTOConsultant and CTO

Mr. Zhang Changwen graduated from Liaoning University of technology, the former Digital China tax system technical manager, have deep experience in the application of IT technology. Mr. Zhang Changwen in 1999 created the national electric power software and got Liaoning province science and technology progress award. As one of the founders of the company, Mr. Zhang Changwen has worked for Maipu Communication, Ruijie Net,Union of honor, Yuxin Yi Cheng, Li Ning group, and other enterprises to provide advice and information service implementation. Mr. Zhang in 2008 obtained the highest certified expert.

Mr. Guo Shuai Consultant, deputy chief

Mr. Guo Shuai graduated from Zhongnan Economics University, has served for Lenovo and got the Lenovo star award, also worked for mobile andtelecommunications companies in many provinces of China to carry out information. As one of the founders of the company, has worked for such companies as TEAMSUN, apple computer, HSBC, fox Ogilvy, lounge on providing information technology consulting and implementation.

Mr. Zheng Yan Consultant, deputy chief

Mr. Zhengyan graduated from computer science department of Beijing Science and Technology Information University,ever worked for SI-TECH, and served for mobile and telecommunications companies of many provinces to carry out the informatization. As one of the founders of the company, workef for micro Lexus, digital China and other companies to provide information consulting and implementation.