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Big data analysis


To gain insight into every member of your team.

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Xinhua network, China software consulting network

2013 China software application and development of the Internet industry forum and industry Top10 annual summit

CloudCC was the 2013 major customer CRM brand

Using the analysis cloud, you can quickly make data analysis, and quickly come to the results.


An excellent think tank for business users

Each user can use any device to access the data, and quickly present the analysis results.

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Manager's good assistant

Managers can easily get a number of analytical data from various dimensions and use a variety of analytical data to develop a large number of professional reports and the dashboard, so as to make quick decisions through accurate analysis results.

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Developer's operating platform

On the cloud platform, the developer can develop a variety of professional reports that are highly fit with the company's actual business, accurate analysis of all data.

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Looking for a small business solution?

Using the CloudCC team version to support the application, you can help your small business customers more quickly than in the past.

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CloudCC provides the best solution for the enterprise and make the success of the plan, with all the day fast support, according to the need to customize, with the need to change, flexible use, rapid realization of the success of the enterprise!

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