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Big data analysis

Faster access to data and analysis results, the speed is unprecedented.

Let customer service management be improved to a higher floor. Smooth service process, rapid increase customer strength. CloudCC system for the integration of a variety of service resources, deal the issue with a comprehensive, accurate, efficient, complete solution, and rationalize the service process.

Each enterprise users can instantly access information, and share the results.

No analysts or IT, you can also directly access data analysis results!


Report form

From the different dimensions of the data for real-time statistical analysis, up to seven steps, you can generate professional data report. To help all users understand their business data in time, and to take control measures for more management of the company's business in time or to provide an important basis for accurate decision-making.

Instrument panel

The latest data of report statistics is presented in graphics, which can be used to understand the operating status of the enterprise more visually.


Each user can simply and quickly set up a complex filter conditions, from the mass of data to filter out the collection of their care, so that work will become more easily.


Global search

Support users to carry out a global range of fuzzy search in the system, fast rendering to view the information,which is the right-hand man of his daily work.

Search and advanced search

Support it to carry out complex logical conditions of screening for a single object, to help users find the relevant records, improve the efficiency of the work.

Check filter

According to the actual business needs to set up a flexible set of rules and regulations, o carry out the investigation and filtering for the new access of the data into the system, so as to ensure the uniqueness of the system data, to avoid the sales staff hit a single.

Search and merge

The system has data to clean, the user can set up a flexible set of duplicate conditions and self select the main record of the merger, to avoid duplication of the sales staff.


Data tracking

The recording and following function of the CCChat, let the user received the latest reminder forthe first time for the record their care, help them make it timely, convenient to carry out the next step work. Field history tracking function can be based on the the changes that users made to the record in the formation of the operation log, making detailed records of the user's behavior.

Data audit

Logining log, system audit log and delete operation log can be recorded in detail for all the user's log in the form of log history, operation history and data delete history.

Data operation

The user can easily and quickly import data into / export, and improve the working efficiency greatly. And the data can be used to delete the data, and the useless data in the system can be effectively removed. At the same time, it is also available on demand to transfer data to a user, convenient and quick.

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