Successful case
"Powerful workflow and approval flow to meet our complex 29 kinds of approval, and the change of process will be without programming. "
System process changes from the original three months to three days.
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CloudCC CRM-华胜天成
China leader level IT integrated service provider.
CloudCC CRM-李宁
China sporting goods industry leader, the international leading sports Brand Company with the oriental elements.
CloudCC CRM-汇丰银行
The foreign owned bank wholly owned by Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited.
Professional equity investment management institution.
CloudCC CRM-三精药业
Sanjing pharmaceutical was founded in 1950, has a history of 60 years.
CloudCC CRM-立思辰
China's leading office information system management outsourcing service provider.
CloudCC CRM-先锋海德投资
Domestic well-known full range of training and consulting services.
CloudCC CRM-尚衡律师
With "lasting balance, maintenance of peace" as the training,to provide professional legal aid for many industries and companies .
CloudCC CRM-佳能
The integrated group as global leader in the production of video and information products .
CloudCC CRM-迈普通信
China mainstream network and solutions provider, products are sold to more than 40 countries in the world.
CloudCC CRM-神州数码
China's largest IT product distributor and IT service provider.
CloudCC CRM-宇信易诚
The first Chinese financial information technology service provider in the United States NASDAQ market.
CloudCC CRM-雅座在线
The lounge has been dedicated to the China catering industry to provide CRM services Comprehensive.
CloudCC CRM-智德盛投资
The professional institution focus on large and medium-sized enterprises to provide services for assets integration of the whole business chain.
CloudCC CRM-百特制药
Multinational medical supplies company, to provide medical equipment, medicine, biotechnology products.
CloudCC CRM-美太医疗
the Professional Company committed to the comprehensive solution of hospital operation room, ICU equipment, hospital infection control .
CloudCC CRM-加拿大Leivaire
Canada Leivaire, engaged in the global trade of creative industries.
CloudCC CRM-中云网
China's first cloud computing portal network media service providers.
CloudCC CRM-黑弧奥美
Real estate integrated marketing communications agencies, the group advertising companies of international operations management mode.
CloudCC CRM-爱奇艺
The world's largest Chinese search engine Baidu's website, the domestic first HD network video site.
CloudCC CRM-中国移动
CloudCC consulting experts explained the new application of the cloud computing model for China Mobile.
CloudCC CRM-中国联通
CloudCC consulting experts for China Unicom to explain the new application of the cloud computing model.
CloudCC CRM-松下电器
Wholly foreign owned enterprises in Japan, Panasonic Electric Appliance Industry Co., ltd.
CloudCC CRM-普适中国
The top provider of information infrastructure solutions for small and medium sized enterprises and large enterprise sectors.
The systems integration company of professional level IT overall solution, data storage .
CloudCC CRM-仁微科技
Professional email solutions provider and IT application information security service provider.
CloudCC CRM-Novartis
Novartis is the world's leading pharmaceutical enterprises.
CloudCC CRM-众康科技
The enterprise with diversified development,with Health industry, health equipment as the main body to provide health care services.
CloudCC CRM-中大元通
CloudCC mature industry solutions to make the organization more dynamic and strain capacity.
CloudCC CRM-隆成实业
The largest private professional lubricant manufacturers in Xinjiang area.
CloudCC CRM-鼎恳贸易
Mainly for the United States, Japan and other countries imported metal processing oil, Shell, Mobil, etc.
CloudCC CRM-上海尚绿
the Business Company specializing in the exhibition forum, event planning, design, and published.
CloudCC CRM-北极星Polaris Industries
The manufacturers focus on design and manufacturing and promotion of innovative, high quality and high performance motor vehicl.
CloudCC CRM-佳豪船舶
The largest and most powerful professional civil ships and marine engineering research and design enterprises in china.
CloudCC CRM-香港科技大学
Asia's premier business school.
CloudCC CRM-广达汽车
China's leading automotive teaching equipment manufacturers and auto repair testing equipment supporting service providers.
CloudCC CRM-辉山乳业
Build China's most trusted dairy brand.
CloudCC CRM-爱康国宾
One of China's largest health management groups.
CloudCC CRM-华测检测
China's third party testing pioneer and leader, the domestic testing industry's first listing Corporation.
CloudCC CRM-正泰电器
China's first A shares of listing Corporation with low-voltage electrical appliances as the main industry .
CloudCC CRM-中合银
The first batch of guarantee agency that to created domestic projects guarantee career.
CloudCC CRM-智德盛投资
Focus on the multi-level capital market in China, to provide professional services for many enterprises and institutions .
CloudCC CRM-新疆农业发展银行
The Agricultural Development Bank of China is the only agricultural policy bank of China under the leadership of the State Council.
CloudCC CRM-爱马社
A large Service Corporation in Beijing automotive service industry, .
CloudCC CRM-辐通迅捷系统集成
As the domestic first company that made the organic integration for HOME products of the world's top five hundred Honey Well Company .
CloudCC CRM-安航文化
One of the major operators in the domestic film resources integration and film advertising.
CloudCC CRM-衡愈堂
Domestic first professional large chain platform commitment to sharing high-quality medical resources across the region.
CloudCC CRM-伊顿国际教育
Has the international first-class education expert team and has the Chinese and foreign teachers troop of the international qualification authentication.

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