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The social networks and real-time updates are closely linked, more quickly to promote business.

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CCChat social network

Anytime, anywhere, the collaborative office social network
social network, let you regardless of where you are can do collaboration of real-time situations, make the business process with social networking.


Improve efficiency

Let the company's employees regardless of the size of the position be linked to each other, cooperation and win-win. Using custom applications, for cooperation on sales opportunities, service cases, marketing activities and projects.

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Accelerate reform and innovation

Sharing platform for everyone to share ideas and new ideas. Direct feedback to product development team. Simply create a questionnaire to evaluate new ideas.

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Sharing knowledge

Sharing knowledge, documents and data in the whole company, and easy to contact with the experts in different places.

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Anytime, anywhere communication and collaboration

Use mobile information pushing to do real-time tracking of key projects in the team. Easy to reach a deal, to update the business dynamics, to find the latest presentation, and to take action, no matter where can be fully smooth and cooperative work.

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Record (attention) to follow

CCChat colleagues provide the following functions to follow and to allow enterprises to timely exchange of information between enterprises and employees, effectively. At the same time, the CCChat provides the system's internal record of attention to follow, when the system record is updated, the followers can receive a reminder of the system information update in time. At the same time, the mobile terminal will also be a corresponding reminder. Followers can be directly in the system details of the upper end of the micro paste to see a detailed record to update the track record. At the same time, the supervisor may also be able to grasp the work progress of the business in time, and give the intervention guidance in time to improve the business performance.

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