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Corporate social micro channel

CCChat adopts the latest social concepts, dynamically making information, documents, pictures, links and other resources to be pushed to the relevant personnel, while it will make back information timely pushed back to you.


Flexible group mode

You can and work efficiently through the following model, with the formation of department group or a cross section group to share information files and do cooperate work with office documents.You can also add a name to a temporary group of information to form a temporary group to share and help office work.


File sharings

You can share your files by simply clicking the mouse, and can easily and safely share information with colleagues around the country, and can be in the first time to receive feedback of information. You can upload multiple files at the same time, pictures and other information can be directly viewed, no need to download.



Learn about your colleagues, see his social influence, find the experts needed or partners who have a common interest with you, doing mutual exchange of work experience and professional skills, to share the latest information, to expand your network of contacts in the company.


Private information

Through a kind of one to one or one to more messages left, you can safely and securely deliver timely information, so that you can do more things...


Personal information center

You can track the core staff and projects in a place where you can work with this instant information center, and your team will be able to work together to solve complex problems such as markets, customers, and services.

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