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Market cloud


The future of marketing is a one to one process of dealing with a customer.

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Market cloud - Marketing Automation


Marketing tool

CloudCC marketing module can be used for closed-loop marketing management, so marketing executives can quickly make decisions, implementation, management and analysis of the effectiveness of multi-channel marketing activities. The investment return rate (ROI) of the budget can be assessed, the various types of revenue be back to the exact marketing plan, and make adjustments in real time.

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Market activity as required

You can create a market activity at any time, the system provides the level structure creating function, so that you can more effectively analyze and manage market activities. From the implementation of the cycle, the cost of the budget, the actual cost, send number, to the corresponding number could achieve a good control. Let your marketing activities more targeted and planned, to get more business opportunities and clues, effectively improve the efficiency and business performance.

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Efficient tracking of market activities

Cloudcc market cloud can help you easily import the potential customer information into the system, and carry out batch management of these information, while providing bulk email, batch sending text messages and other tools, easy for sales manager to follow up, effectively promote the transformation of potential customers, as much as possible to win business opportunities and the successful signing.

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Timely feedback return on investment (ROI)

From all kinds of market activities such as product launches, exhibition, online advertising, we will get a lot of potential business opportunities. These potential business opportunities can be imported into the system, and then the information will be distributed to the sales staff to continue to follow the custom rules. And then through the system to analyze the investment return rate (ROI) of each market activity.

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"CloudCC's market cloud tools allow us to provide information, more simply, more automatedly, faster, more relevantly."

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