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Market cloud

Market cloud - Marketing Automation

Marketing tool

CloudCC marketing module can be used for closed-loop marketing management,so marketing executives can quickly make decisions, implementation, management and analysis of the effectiveness of multi-channel marketing activities. The investment return rate (ROI) of the budget can be assessed, the various types of revenue be back to the exact marketing plan, and make adjustments in real time.


Web to lead

Potential customers click on your ads on other websites to link to your company's website. User's registration information is automatically entered into the system, and assigned to the sales staff according to the rules. The system automatically sends mail to the relevant personnel, to remind that there is a new leads into the system, please timely process.


Mail group Mass

The system provides the mail group function, so you can through the "view" function, carry on the conditional inquiry. With the "contact" or "potential customers" as the object you use the mail group function. At the same time, you can select the mail template. Select the relevant list of each recipient in the preservation of historical records, and check whether each message is copied to the sender.


Bulk SMS Function

System provides SMS sending function, with the conditional query through the "view" function. With the "contact" or "potential customers" as the object,the bulk SMS can be done. (Note: the short message is paid separately.)


Return on investment (ROI)

From all kinds of market activities such as product launches, exhibition, online advertising, we will get a lot of business opportunities. You can put all of this information into the system, and then distribute the potential customers in accordance with our definition of the mass distribution rules to the sales staff to continue to follow. And then let the system analyze the investment return rate (ROI) of each market activity.


Member management of marketing activities

Member management of marketing activities, which can also manage new members or update states of the existing member. Service objects include potential customers and customers.

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