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Quickly create APPS applications, build business faster.

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Beijing brand 100 -CloudCC CRM

The world's most trusted cloud application development platform

From 2 people to the world's top 500 enterprises, various application requirements of any industry and any business model can be achieved.


First class platform

You can take advantage of all the world's companies to build the basic elements of the application, which comes from the world's leading cloud computing technology.

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First class tool

Provide an ultra fast application building tools and services for the development personnel and business users.

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Multi language and multi currency

Using the CloudCC platform cloud, users can switch to language mode with the need, easy to choose their own language, and everything will change with the need. At the same time,it can also be according to your business needs to provide information for your currency, without tedious operation of exchange rate conversion. You may effectively save time and improve work efficiency.

Correlation function


Strong integration capability

Powerful API and services can allow you to open the back office data system, do the establishment of the community and achieve more operations, so you can use it to associate all the content.

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Strong management skills

How does IT make sure that everything is normal? Anytime, anywhere to provide you with everything you need to manage applications, users, personal data, and more.

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Use CloudCC to create an application that is for employees, and use the cloud platform to build a client oriented application APPS.

CloudCC can provide tools and services to build any kind of application, can help your company to deepen customer relationship, so that employees could keep a step ahead.

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"With the cloud service, we can handle the situation completely in real time from any place ."

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Using the services provided by CloudCC, you can build any type of application, associated with all content, and inspire enthusiasm for all personnel to achieve faster speed.

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