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Cloud platform

Cloud application development platform

With CloudCC.COM cloud platform, users can directly create and run the application with the browser on the Internet, and will not need to install any plug-ins, and also do the enterprise application development, not only would it be the application of the sales link,but also can support all types of business, such as logistics transportation, inventory, supply chain, financial management, human resources, daily office, etc.

Cloud platform application development automation

Now only need to click the mouse, you can quickly create an application, but also with the need to change the application.

Custom object

These basic elements allow IT to create applications freely, rather than managing hardware and infrastructure.

Custom field

Users do not need to code, can establish various types of field in CloudCC system object and field types include: search relationship, individual selection field, double selection, formulas, automatic numbering, URL, telephone, fax, email, check box, date, time, number, text, text area, a list of options (radio / multiple choice), currency and so on.

Drag and drop interface layout

Through the drag and drop interface page layout function of the system , you could do form customization entry and browsing interface, including checking the fields in the form about whether to display, placement, classification, whether be the read-only, if required, display what relevant list, list issues, ranking (with the table form).

Custom report form

The report form definition of CloudCC cloud platform can meet the needs of the user's complex report. Only through a few steps of interface operation can it be used to see the way to complete the report definition.

Workflow customization and approval process management

Workflow rules can support process automation for sales and marketing of various objects; according to a predefined set of rules can it make the record be automatically assigned to the user, or from a user to another user; and support unlimited approving any object; can trigger reminder email, SMS reminders, tasks, field update and other functions.

Permissions and security access settings

The access settings based on roles also include user posts, groups, roles. Data sharing rules make data shared between different departments. Field level security control realizes accessibility and operability control, with the support for IP and time limit access.

Email, SMS template

Customer customize the mail, SMS template according to the need of their own situation, easy to use or share.

Data management

Support for all objects of data import and export functions.Data transfering function makes that system data can be customized according to the conditions for the transfer of data to all of the mass, according to the custom filter conditions for data bulk delete.

More application integration

PaaS CloudCC platform makes more applications (CallCenter, web conferencing, social networks, project management, enterprise QQ, Outlook, etc....) with the need to live, without the need to code, and let you experience the functions of that the previous software can not be achieved.


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Using the services provided by CloudCC, you can build any type of application, associated with all content, and inspire enthusiasm for all personnel to achieve faster speed.

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