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CloudCC helps you to be more alert and quick to sell.

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Powerful features of Sales cloud, let you easily grasp more sales opportunities


Complete more deals

No matter when and where you can track all of your customer information and transaction activities, to find a professional to help you, to promote the transaction, all of the above functions in a platform to achieve.

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Get more potential customers

Continually dig and follow up potential customers until it meets the sales terms, and then automatically assign them to the most suitable sales manager at the right time. With the effect of CloudCC marketing activities, improve the quality of potential customers. Make sure that every thread is good.

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Improve working efficiency

Whether you are a field sales representative, internal sales representatives or just want to send email to complete the work, CloudCC has a solution for you. It can be complex business process automation operation, so as to further improve the efficiency of work.

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Deep insight, informed decision

CloudCC allows you to control the required information at any time in order to provide the basic conditions for making a more informed decision. CloudCC sets the information in one place, each of them based on the latest and best available information, more easily set priorities and make decisions more quickly.

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CloudCC provides the best solution for the enterprise with the success plan, all the day fast support, according to the need to customize, with the need to change, flexible use, all to do rapid realization of the success of the enterprise!

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The best way to know the sales cloud is to experience it.

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