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Whenever and wherever you can give each customer support.

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CloudCC: Ranked fourth in the best mobile CRM rankings of the 2014 year

Make services faster and more intelligent, improve customer loyalty, return rate and satisfaction


All-weather online customer service

At any time for customers to eliminate doubt and confusion, exclude the difficulty and anxiety. Today's customers receive the required information through various channels, which requires 24 hours online support.

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Personalized service

Customer service requirements continue to improve, to provide more than a competitor's personalized service is the key to win.

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Multi channel support

Today, customers can express the views of the brand through various channels, including telephone, e-mail and other traditional channels, but also the growing social media channels. Multi channel support allows you to access different customers in various channels.

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Faster service

When it comes to customer care, the crucial point is the time. Time is victory, so simple. Quick to provide support is not only to improve customer satisfaction, but also for the company to save money. Service cloud provides the right system, so you and your customer service staff is to easily and quickly solve the case.

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"With the cloud service, we can handle the situation in real time from any place to time 100%."

CloudCC focus on the best solution and the success of the program, all-weather fast support, comprehensive and customized training and rich management services to profit, with the need to change, flexible use for enterprise projects and achieve rapid business goals!

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Are you looking for a small business solution?

Using CloudCC team edition service cloud, your small business can help customers solve problems more quickly.

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The best way is to personally experience free trial service of CloudCC service cloud. Free trial version can also be automatically access to the success of our business community forum to share the experience and knowledge of experts.

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