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Service cloud

Service cloud- service automation

CloudCC system is able to integrate customer information management, equipment maintenance management, order receiving and ditributing dispatch and other aspects into a unified system, to the full, accurate and efficient management of various services,Which thus become the core competitiveness of the company.

Customer service management has become easy

It makes customer service management improved onto a hegher floor. Smooth service process, rapidly increase customer strength. The CloudCC system provides a comprehensive, accurate, efficient and complete integration of various service resources involved in the system, and provides the service process to solve the problem.


Service Workbench

Service Workbench provides an integrated work environment to the agents, so agents can do fast query of customer information according to various conditions, and can clearly see that which customer has signed a service contract, whether the contract expires, the contract equipment list, service history information and common contacts and other related information; and it can be in this interface to directly create request, improve the work efficiency of the employees.

Service request management (CASE)

Users can collect customer case (service request),and the case initiator may be customers, sales, agents, field engineers. CASE can also be associated with the customer's equipment assets. Case is with automatic distribution(by region, according to the level of fault, according to the type of it). Therefore, every customer case will arrive immediately to queue or agents to provide the best service.

Resource Board

Agents can through the system directly see the busy day or a certain period of time engineers in the idle state, and can see working state of every engineer; can also be queried by some conditions, such as resources (Engineer), Department, date, the theme of order etc.; agents can use this resource board directly to make task distribution.

Work order Administration

A Case may need to create a job order, and the engineer will be sent to the customer site to investigate and solve the problem. There are two ways to send a job, the first is mail notification, the second, SMS notification (engineers are outside, can not receive e-mail, can receive text messages); job order type can be defined by user, such as site, maintenance, distribution, inspection, conference support and other types.


Spare parts management

For the daily management of the spare parts maintenance, it includes spare parts name, type, quantity, price, storage location, turnover rate; after the confirmation of spare parts by customer,it will be sent as an automatic reminder to the relevant personnel (configurable); spare parts of expected return time, wlll be reminded automatically to the relevant personnel (configurable), for the need of spare parts supplier information maintenance and query。

Maintenance management for bad products

System provides daily management of bad parts maintenance;to do receiving confirmation of bad products provided by customers; bad product parts and spare parts will be to one-to-one correspondence,and a bad parts need a spare parts replacement; to do bad product maintenance; the system automatically detect remind, so employees can set fittings in the system (application, delivery, in transit, delivery, etc.); to provide views of maintenance process monitoring.

Complaint management service report

To complete the management of complaints,do complaints and complaints process management.


Service report

According to customer requirements, the system can automatically generate the user's detailed service report (customer provides templates), in the form of PDF or Excel file, sent to the customer's final customer.

Call center CTI integration

CTI solution can be directly integrated with CloudCC, through the browser interface to access.It can be achieved for seamless integration with the most popular call center including Avaya (Avaya) and On Demand call center providers such as Avaya on demand, Tianrun intermediation, hearing the birds.

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