Smart solutions for business from all industries

Help each industry conquer specific challenges,
and connect with your customers in a whole new way.

CloudCC's specialists in education and training create a more intuitive interface and a powerful custom platform that can be easily used and customized. The solutions afford the education and training enterprises flexibility to successfully deal with challenges while also capitalizing on the opportunities.


To select more suitable candidates, we need to identify needs, provide the assessment, follow-up opportunities and close more deals.

Standardized business processes

CloudCC's solutions of education and training can standardize, automate and equip the business process, allowing it to receive students and parents, provide consulting service, customize the training program, as well as sign, transfer and pay among other functions. Therefore, these make each business process clearer and run more smoothly.

Improving teaching effect and quality

Get timely quality feedback; know the consumer's needs and organize the courses more formally and more reasonably in order to improve the teaching effect and quality.

Solid educational platform

It is customizable, flexible and user-friendly, which can enable users' personal allocation to meet the business requirements at different stages. Rich API interfaces can integrate other systems. Central with students, CloudCC CRM built a solid educational platform to improve efficiency, reduce cost, analyze the data and enhance core competitiveness.

Today, more and more successful manufacturers are connecting with employees, partners, products and customers from the assembly line to the store shelf. CloudCC provides a new opportunity to build stronger customer relationships for manufacturing.

Investigating need

You can get a more complete view of your customers' need via accross various channels to become a sales expert. A sales team can generate more leads, close more deals and more quickly determine the solutions for your customers.

Collaboration anywere and anytime

CloudCC can provide smarter collaboration at anywhere and anytime. CloudCC's powerful online collaboration software helps to create a social, mobile and collaborative working environment.


You can share knowledge, data, opportunities and ideas. Moreover, you can collaborate on sales opportunities, service cases, campaigns and projects on CloudCC to determine the right products or solutions for your customers.

Expand sales channels

You can establish order processing centers, as well as maintain and expand the sales channel by CloudCC manufacturing solutions.

Connected care and interaction is the key to loyalty. Companies can reach patients in a new way and connect with your customers as people. CloudCC's heath care experts can create a more personalized interface and a powerful custom platform that can easily be used to help companies set new standards for healthcare.

More personalized care

Our healthcare solutions can give your patients more care, love and attention. CloudCC helps your organization provide a higher level of personalized care.

More interaction

Our website, will act as a bridge between a doctor and patient. On our platform, you can interact with your patients and their families, thus, improving the ability of the medial staff as it ralates to communication with patients.

Perfect personal health service

While protecting your customers' privacy, CloudCC can analyze the data in order to know the personal need of your patients or customers better, thus, providing perfect personal health service.

Efficiently and effectively

Quick and easy operation can gain some advantage over others with Our solutions provide more comprehensive and effective medical and health services for patients or customers efficiently and effectively.

Banks and other types of financial institutions can gain customer trust and increase customer loyalty with CloudCC financial solutions.

Unified management platform

An efficient project management platform can improve work efficiency of each business department and streamline the approval process by using centralized management.

Monitoring and control of the whole process

This entails the standardization and normalization on project information or workflow.

Risk and Compliance

Reduce investment risk, while enhancing capital liquidity and investment income.

Financial Portfolio Analysis

Statistically analyze the project and financial data automatically by financial analysis.Trace all operations by authorized management and muiti-stage security model services.

The IT & High tech industry is the testing ground for the latest technologies and ideas; it is the leader in the rapid change of enterprises, so IT and high tech companies need a new way to get stronger customer and employee connections.

Sales Wizard

Improve sales performance significantly by promoting the project and getting critical information.

Web to case

Get quick response by assigned cases and automatic case escalation based on customers' individual requirements, thus, extracting maximum customer satisfaction.


Know the free/busy status, location and job saturation of aftersales by free/busy status dashboard. Then send a message to the aftersales, which is the closest to the customer, making the allocation of aftersales more rational and efficient.

Mobile Apps & Commerce

More mobile Apps can be used on multi-mobile devices, making this faster and more convenient.

More clients hope to have a more timely understanding of the facts and events, and hope to be supported by a strong law firm. While the process of dealing with lawyers, commissions and the collaboration between lawyers and clients is different from those of other industries, CloudCC will provide a real team operation and management to meet the unique needs of the legal profession.

Client Management

Manage all client information in one CloudCC system. Including enterprise customers and individual customers. We can provide different types of services and legal support for different customers.

Case Management

Those responsible can know the trying process of cases; the layers also can proactively take control of their schedule. You will forecast accurately and make the right decisions.

Integrated financial information management

Supported by our system, you can query and allocate the revenue or balance of each layer. Moreover, CloudCC can also calculate salaries and bonuses and provide the science budget management, thus, strengthening performance appraisal.

Mobile office

The layer will communicate with their clients whenever and wherever they like; they can analyze the focus of the case then formulate the plans in time, regardless of where they are.

Tourism becomes a leisure and entertainment way among more and more people. It is a way to keep old customers, get more potential customers and customize personalized tours. CloudCC can design a tourist itinerary and manage all tourist information in one system.

Tourist management

Manage all tourists and member information in one CloudCC system. Our solutions can promote communication and protect members’ or tourists’ legal rights and interests.

Design tourist itinerary

Our platform designs the personal tourist itinerary for every tourist, improving performance by connecting the tourists and travel agencies to the top tourist spots.

Service management

CloudCC provides intimate service for the majority of visitors. Our representatives are experienced and their professional advice will guide you into making your visit a most memorable one.

Data analysis

Based on the data analysis, you will identify the favorite tour, improve the quality of goods, services and customer satisfaction, while reducing costs.

Products homogenization, difficulty controlling and managing the channel and customer information are the great challenge in Consumer Products Industry. CloudCC can help you increase revenue.

Process configuration

CloudCC can make appropriate system adjustments in response by processing configuration to improve the forecasting accuracy and increase turnover considerably.


Risk-control manages the enterprise from the cost, budget, product production, inventory, customer service and other key aspects of the enterprise.

SStandardization of enterprise management process

Create a powerful platform and system for the consumer products industry. Standardize the enterprise management process from marketing channel to partners' management and more.

Multi mobile devices to access

Multi mobile devices to access CloudCC are ready to provide vendors, dealers and customers faster and more quality services.