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Ordering Management in CloudCC Partner Cloud

December 27 2023

CloudCC Partner Cloud Provide agents with a relaxed ordering experience, allowing them to use the shop to place orders at any time like consumers. You can assign corresponding product catalogs to agents of different levels and regions, set different prices, and view the agent's order content and payment status in real time.

Partner Price System

In the actual business, we are often faced with the following scenario: different customers and distributors may enjoy different discounts for the same product, or enterprises need to reprice their series of products according to different e-commerce shopping festivals. With the help of CloudCC Partner Cloud, you can develop multiple pricing systems according to different customers or distributors to meet the needs of flexible pricing.

Partner Fund

Using CloudCC to manage the money of agents, including pre-deposit, credit limit, or order rebate acquisition and deduction, one can complete all operations inside the system, eliminating the tedious and error-prone reconciliation process.

One-stop Ordering Experience

In the partner shop, agents can view products and packages that open for ordering, ordering at any time based on the price and discounts that you set for them. They can pay online with partner funds, rebate, and other online payment ways.

Self-service Payment

Support partners to use PayPal, Visa, WeChat, Alipay and other ways to self-service settlement, reduce deposits, and accelerate the return of corporate funds.

Pay for Orders by Email

After receiving and approving the distributor's orders, the manufacturer can send the bill to the distributor by email. The distributor can directly click the payment link to pay online once receiving the email.

Online Reconciliation

All capital flows that generated with partners are logged, including pre-deposit recharge, account consumption, rebate income, and rebate expenditure. The system records each transaction to facilitate reconciliation.