Sales Force Automation

Advanced sales force automation helps your sales team focus on increasing revenues

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More Qualified Leads

Capture, organize and engage more leads with less investment and focus on growing your business

Lead Scoring

Prioritize the best leads and ensure faster conversion based on lead scoring

For better marketing and selling, you will have a lot of leads. How to determine which lead to track first? Lead scoring makes sales more efficient by focusing on the most promising leads first. Qualifying a lead indicates that you believe this lead is interested in your products which are useful for him/her, and means that it’s obviously possible to make this sale to him/her. The exact criteria for leads scoring and qualifying is a part of your business process.

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Lead Assignment

Identify the right sales person to be the owner of the lead, track and close more deals

You will own all leads you created if the CloudCC has not been given any assignment rule. In order to sale efficiently, you should change the ownership of leads to other right users based on the assignment process or criteria, such as the leads location, their industries, the products they are interested in. New owners will tack the leads and nurture them get ready to buy.

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Lead Conversion

Just one click to convert your leads into deals and get ready to deal

Why we need to convert leads? We convert leads into opportunities for business. Qualify and convert a lead indicates that the lead is interested in your products and a sale to the lead is definitely possible. When you qualify a lead, you can convert your lead record into account, contact and opportunity. And you will work on your opportunity until you close the deal or cancel the deal.

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Accounts and Contacts

Connect with your accounts and contacts and become an efficiency-minded company

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360-Degree Account View

Help you personalize the customer experience with a 360-degree view and capture all pertinent details across the entire life-cycle of your customer and sales to optimize your relationship with each individual customer.

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Contact Role Hierarchies

During the sales process, each account may have multiple contacts for different position. You need to understand the relationships between contacts, accounts and your sales team reps to close deals more effectively and efficiently. Contact hierarchies let you track the relationships between contacts and find out who are the key decision makers to move the deal forward, and who is your best bet.

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Promoting Your Opportunities

Automate your opportunity and pipeline management and realize greater sales effects

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Opportunity Stage and Probability

Opportunity Stage and Opportunity Probability can help you move on your opportunity to the next stage and track your opportunity progress as you get closer to close your deal. Each stage corresponds to different probability. You should update your opportunity as the deals move closer to closing. Accurate stage and probability information of each opportunity is very important for forecasting, reporting and ultimately meeting your quota.

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Pipeline Management

If you want to show the proportions of opportunities in different stage and probability, you should use sales funnel. For example, to see the amount of opportunities in each stage and their corresponding probability, pipeline managemnet and sales funnel is useful for showing the flow of opportunities through stages and probabilities more intuitively.

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Opportunity Genius

The function allows you to find other Closed Won or Closed Lost opportunities that match the attributes of an opportunity on which you are currently working. So that you can access information to help you close more opportunities.

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Close More Deals

Close deals smarter with less invetments


Quote is a document to tell your customers how much your will charge them for products or services. In fact, when your customers ask you for a quote, they are looking for purchase details and asking for some discounts generally, you should choose a most appropriate purchase and payment plan through your quotation. CloudCC's quote management help you define a different quote for different customers in different area at different time.

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Product means what does your company sell or what services your company provides. After you create a quote, you should add your products to best meet your customer’s requirements. Your sales reps can select specific product more easily to meet your customer’s business requirements with CloudCC product management and product family management. Let your sales reps sell the right products to the right customers.

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Price Books

Price book is a list of the products or services you offered and their prices. Each product you offered has a standard price. When you create a new product, you will add a price for the product. But sometimes, one product has different prices for different market, region, industry and other subsets of your customers. So you should use standard price books to track default standard prices of products and use custom price books to track list prices of your products or services your offered for each market segment.

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Contract is the agreement about products, price and business terms associated with your accounts. When your customers decide to buy a product or service, your sales reps will provide them a contract, that means an agreement with the product, price and business terms. They can track contracts through your organization’s approval process and use workflow they defined to remind contracts renewals.

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—————    FREE EDITION    —————

CloudCC Free Edition 3 Users for Free - Terms of Use

CloudCC CRM is a customer relationship management service provided by (hereinafter referred to as "CloudCC") for you or your organization (hereinafter referred to as "you" or "yours"). Depending on the size of your enterprise and the specific business processes, CloudCC offers five editions which are Free, Essential, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited for you to choose and purchase. Among them, the Free edition provides 3 users free service. By using the CloudCC Free Edition 3 Users for Free Program, you accept the following terms. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not continue to apply for the CloudCC Free Edition 3 Users for Free Program in any way.

1. Primary contact information

In order to apply for the CloudCC Free Edition 3 Users for Free Program, the user should fill in and maintain the valid information of the “primary contact”, including the valid email address and telephone number of the main contact, after the successful registration. If the user does not set the "primary contact", CloudCC will, by default, consider the first user who registered the CloudCC account license as the primary contact for your organization. CloudCC will send important notices such as free program changes or free service termination to your organization's primary contacts. The email notification is the only notification method and no information will not be informed by other ways. For any loss of data caused by the service termination due to the lack of valid contact method of primary contact which has not been filled by users, CloudCC will not be responsible.

2. Edition Upgrade

The order of the edition upgrade is Free, Essential, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited. The upgrade of CloudCC must apply the above order, and it’s irreversible.

3. Add License

After purchased the CloudCC Free Edition 3 users for free account license, if the user wants to subscribe other edition, you can upgrade your edition online.

4. Data management

Users who use the CloudCC Free Edition 3 Users for Free Program must export their data in advance under any circumstances, and CloudCC does not provide data export services.

5. Intellectual Property Protection

The User confirms and commits that the intellectual property rights of all software and platform products under this Agreement are owned by CloudCC. Except as stated in this Agreement, this Agreement does not grant any intellectual property rights of the Software or Products to users. The CloudCC intellectual property rights may not be infringed in any way by any user.
At the same time, all the components of the software or product account information, code, etc. are valuable business secrets and confidential information, users must not disclose to any third party in any way.

The final interpretation of this agreement belongs to Under all circumstances, CloudCC reserves the right to reclaim your or your organization's access to the CloudCC Free Edition 3 Users for Free Program and to terminate this Program and relevant services. We will ensure, within reasonable limits, to give notice to the email address of the primary contact you provided to us, at least 30 days before the termination.

By pressing the AGREE button you confirm that you HAVE read and agreed to “CloudCC Free Edition 3 Users for Free - Terms of Use” and you accept these terms completely.