Optimize your marketing efforts by clearly capturing the ROI and marketing spending.

Web to CloudCC

Web to CloudCC form can capture website visitors who provide their contact information and stores them in CloudCC as Leads. Web to CloudCC can help your sales team track lead source and prospects, create a pipeline management of opportunities and analyze return on marketing investment.

Campaign Management

Before your team holds a consumer conference or showcases at a trade show, as a marketer, you must plan the budget, invite attendees, assign tasks and measure marketing efforts in order to keep your team organized. All of these details can be arranged on CloudCC campaign management, where you can plan your campaigns and their parent campaigns in advance.

Multiple Channels

Build multi-channel campaigns with CloudCC's marketing cloud to make your conference marketing multi-touch. Your marketing team can build a campaign, parent campaign, and create multiple channels for every campaign to run on target. Marketers can stay connected with your prospects and customers acquired from every channel or campaign, track every action and conversion across email, events, and even activities.


Automate the flow of lead information directly from calls, email, online chats, and more into your system across multiple campaign channels by QR code generation.

QR Code Generation

Generate QR codes for every channel of your campaigns, no additional investment in other apps is required. You can promote campaigns, like webinars or conferences, by posting these QR codes on the subway, elevators, website, etc., to attract potential customers. Prospects register with unique QR codes, and you can easily determine the lead source.

Sales Rep Solicitation

Generate invitation QR codes for each sales rep. They can promote their personal invitation code to their prospects, friends, family members, customers, or other contacts. At the end of campaigns, sales managers can see how many interested parties were brought in by each sales rep and how many new potential clients were acquired.

Digital Sign In

On the day of a campaign or conference, the attendees simply show staff their unique invitation QR codes on a mobile device, scan it, and CloudCC will update with the latest information. When the campaign is completed, trace the lead source and develop more campaigns and channels based on this information to obtain a greater number of potential clients.

Identifying Lead Source

Using CloudCC with the function Web to CloudCC enables your organization to gather potential clients via web to lead and add the leads to a campaign by sending invitations with unique QR codes. One person cannot be recognized twice by a same code, and one code cannot be used by more than one person. On the day of the campaign, attendees show you their unique QR codes on a mobile device, simply scan it in, and CloudCC will update with this real-time information. When the campaign completed, you can trace the lead source and develop more campaigns and channels to obtain more leads.


ROI Analysis

Optimize the effectiveness of each campaign and channel by calculating real-time updated data including website visits, responses, conversion rate, total revenue, and actual cost. Define your campaign’s routing to ensure campaign effectiveness and identify which ones are most effective.

ROI Snapshot

CloudCC’s campaign ROI snapshot shows you real-time data updates of your campaign and each channel. Know your campaign’s progress and which channels are working most effectively. Base your next marketing decisions on campaign ROI analysis so you can enhance your marketing initiatives.


HTML Email Tracking

Create and send out bulk HTML emails from within CloudCC to your potential customer/customer lists in a few easy clicks. Track email delivery in real-time and monitor open and click statistics.

Qualify Leads

Potential clients’ titles, budget, industry, and other traits can be set to a different score. Lead Scoring can be used to calculate the total score. And your sales reps can track the leads with the highest scores first.

Lead Conversion

From campaign members to leads and contacts, CloudCC ensures every lead is captured and routed to the right team or individual sales rep while providing full end-to-end tracking so you can convert qualified leads into opportunities with a single click.