How CloudCC mobile app helps you run your business from a mobile device

Access and update your records

Keep running your business even if you are traveling or not in the office. You can use the CloudCC mobile app to view campaign performance, convert your qualified leads, move your opportunities to the next stage, and focus on closing deals anytime and anywhere. CloudCC mobile app is a comprehensive CRM mobile app you can use to manage all your data, follow up immediately, and stay on top of your business on the go.

Manage Activities

Start your workday with a clear overview of your scheduled tasks, events, and calls. Set reminders for your activities, log calls, and capture the details of your conversations for further follow-ups.


Manage your sales reps’ time efficiently and help your sales reps make smarter visiting arrangements by locating leads, accounts and opportunities nearby. Keep in touch with prospects when you travel for work or leave the office, view nearby leads and accounts to prepare for upsell opportunities. Plan smart and manage your time by geo-locating prospects nearby to schedule meetings quickly.

Check-in at Customer’s Location

Check-in at customer locations to record your visit and update your deal progress after every meeting.

Easily Collaborate

Connect with your colleagues instantly, no matter where you are. Engage other team members by @mentioning them. Attach photos and files directly to your feeds for easier access. Meanwhile, CCChat will integrate the power of your whole organization effectively. You can use CCChat on your mobile device to work together with your colleagues in real time. No matter what’s your role, you can collaborate on your campaigns, opportunities, cases, and other projects or actions on the go.

Scan Business Cards

When you get a stack of business cards, you can scan and digitize these cards immediately and save them as leads or contacts into your account to follow up.