Since 2008, 30+ and 200+ consulting and implementations
Experienced consultants and developers at CRM

Trans-Pacific Consulting was formed by the initial members of the Salesfoce or CloudCC consulting and implementations with the sole focus on providing CRM expertise.
As a US-based (Pleasanton) team of consultants and developers, we are focused on customer success and have offshore Trans-Pacific resources in Ireland, Australia, Singapore, Taipei, Shanghai, and Beijing.

Highly skilled consultants, fully certified, with many years of hands-on experience. We offer admin & maintenance services.
Focus on reducing your costs, and we'll support the administration staff to assist with your Salesforce and CloudCC admin items.

Admin & Support

Some organizations do not need a full-time Salesforce or CloudCC administration staff. However, they still have a need for Salesforce and CloudCC experts to assist with the items such as reports and dashboards creatation, opportunity identification, and data updates. So we support the part-time or full-time administrator(s) who help your staff run your business with Salesforce or CloudCC with a focus on increasing revenue.


At CloudCC, we provide you with annual maintenance to solve the day-to-day problems when using the Salesforce or CloudCC CRM. Our goal is to set you up for long-term success, so we want to help you measure performance, effectively maintain the processes that are in place, and proactively identify areas for improvement over time.

Let our team of Salesforce veterans get your project finished!
Configuring your Salesforce environment is more than just creating objects, getting fields, customizing page layouts, and building new processes. It involves understanding your business and your requirements. We sincerely look forward to offering you the best support towards your future success.
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