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Why do businesses of all sizes choose CloudCC?

CloudCC is a CRM suite built on an open-source platform. Business of all shapes and sizes can run your business with our product suites. Focus on your unique requirement and we'll offer development and implementation to make our CRM meet every one of your business needs.

Sales tools to help close more deals

  • Sales Brief
    Handle all your sales conversations in one place; see recent leads, accounts, and opportunities, and track your follow-up and sales performance.
  • Forecasts
    Forecast your personal and team’s revenue by using key information such as opportunity stage, the amount of deals in your pipeline, and your sales rep’s quota.
  • Sales Performance
    Show your team’s sales performance, including opportunity and contract ranking, helping you to make a smarter business decision.
  • Pipeline
    Show the proportions of opportunities in different stages and probability. Pipeline management and the sales funnel are useful for more intuitively showing the flow of opportunities through the stages and probabilities.
  • Coming & Overdue opportunities
    Coming and overdue opportunities show you what to focus on and what actions are needed in order to close more sales.
  • Chat
    Increase sharing and collaboration among your organization and improve your working efficiency; Chat will integrate the power of your whole organization effectively.

Our CRM makes salespeople unstoppable

  • Contact AI
    You need to understand the relationships between contacts, accounts, and your sales team in order to close deals more effectively and efficiently. Contact AI lets you track the relationships between contacts to find out who are the key decision makers to move the deal forward. Analysis through Contact AI helps you go to the next level.
  • Sales activities
    Activities show the plan and history of email, calls, visits, events, and tasks. All of these can make complicated opportunities simple.
  • Nearby
    Manage your sales reps’ time efficiently and help your sales reps to make smarter visitation plans by locating nearby leads, accounts, and opportunities. Keep in touch with prospects when you travel for work or you are not in your office, view nearby leads and accounts to prepare for upsell opportunities.
  • Analytics
    In-depth CRM analytics to help you make smarter business decisions. From lead analytics to deal insights, activity stats, and email analytics, monitor every aspect of your sale cycle anytime, anywhere with pre-defined dashboard views. Create customized dashboards with analytical sales widgets, such as charts, target meters, KPIs, and funnels. Make informed decisions and start celebrating sales success with actionable data intelligence.

We make our CRM different

Create Applications

By using the CloudCC platform, you can easily customize your own applications to create new apps, objects, and fields with just the click of a mouse.

Workflow & approval process

Configure workflow rules to automatically finish the routine tasks and make your business hours more productive so you can focus on closing more deals. Just like a workflow, an approval process is an automated process which is implemented to approve or reject records stored in CloudCC. You can specify the steps necessary for the whole yes/no situation in your organization’s in-house managerial approval process, allowing one step to apply to all records or some records with certain attributes, and specify who is the approver at each step.

Change page layouts

Different users need different business processes with different page layouts and different picklist values.So you might display different fields and related lists for your users because of the different permissions and processes. You might create a new page layout with drag and drop tools and assign it to different users.

Enhance your CRM

Customizing your CRM ensures that your system works as best as it can for your company. Class, trigger, JSP pages, and sites can get your job done more quickly, easily, and smartly. When your business logic is sophisticated and can’t be achieved by configuring, Java code creating could implement your own logic. Also, if you prefer special views, it's time to create a JSP page to implement what your favor.

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