Why do businesses of all sizes choose CloudCC?

CloudCC is a CRM suite built on an open-source platform. Business of all shapes and sizes can run your business with our product suites. Focus on your unique requirement and we'll offer development and implementation to make our CRM meet every one of your business needs.
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Visual Sales Overview

Visualize your key sales metrics and indicators reflecting on what are focusing and what actions were taken, including sales ranking, payment ranking, upcoming opportunities, sales funnel, sales performance and more. Our sales overview page will show you what actions are needed next to close deals.

Contact AI

Need some help? Don't know who is the key decision makers that will support your solutions? Ask CloudCC’s contact AI to identify the contact roles and their staff hierarchies on the sales opportunity, it will show you what the actions are needed next to close the deal efficiently.

Sales Forecasting

Set your targets, using key information and track the sales progress. Forecast salesperson, sales team's performance. Gain insights about your amount for completed sales, your targets, and the opportunities to be closed in the sales pipeline. Sales manager could identify the bottlenecks using real time data and boost your sales performance.



By keeping communication inside CloudCC chat that makes sales collaboration easily. You'll spend less time looking for information on closing a big deal. Work together, share insight, follow records that matter, and accelerate your sales team and what prospects are up to.


Find where your clients are located and plan smart. The nearby is a map view in your CloudCC CRM mobile app, helps you easily locate leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities near you. And schedule meeting while you are on your next business trip, wherever you go.

Scan Card

Don't wait to get back, you should send your thank you email, add notes to make sure you remember the little details, and follow up immediately. Scan the business cards and the required fields are automatically filled in, save as a contact or a lead in CloudCC CRM, schedule a time to get in touch with your prospective clients right way.



Make CloudCC CRM works the way you do. Create menus, objects and fields, with mouse click, configure workflow rules to automatically finish the routine tasks and make your business hours more productive so you can focus on closing more deals. Just like a workflow, an approval process is an automated process which is implemented to approve or reject records stored in CloudCC.


Ensure that your system works as best as it can for your company. Class, trigger, JSP pages, and sites can get your job done more quickly, easily, and smartly. When your business logic is sophisticated and can’t be achieved by configuring, Java code creating could implement your own logic. Also, if you prefer special views, it's time to create a JSP page to implement what your favor.


Expand the functionality of CloudCC CRM with all tools your business need. We offer a host of integrations you use, like MailChimp, QuickBooks, Zapier, and more. These out-of-the-box functions drive your deals to close faster and smarter.

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