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Theme-based analysis around core business safeguards the query performance for complex analysis under large data volume, and meanwhile supporting ample chart types to present data results in an optimal way.

Data Driven Decision Making

BI data analytics allows everyone in the organization to make decisions based on data, whether they are managers or sales representatives.

Multi-dimensional Analysis Reports

Analyze CRM data from different dimensions, including leads, opportunities, contacts and accounts, contracts, products, and more.

Flexible and Easy-to-use System Provides In-depth Data Analysis and Increase Sales

Use drag & drop to accomplish analysis that supports sort, sum, custom time range/stage and much more. You can also drill down, link and analyze data to gain insight into the nature of the problem.

Share & Subscribe Reports

You can export reports, or share reports or dashboards to other people. By setting subscription conditions and ranges, you can control data at any time.

Report Template

CloudCC CRM has built-in rich report templates to generate intuitive reports and dashboards within seconds.

Visualizable Graphs
Visualize Your Data

Support up to 20 different types of categorized dashboards, and you can choose the right one for your purpose and display your CRM data in a simple and intuitive way.

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KPI View
Keep an Eye on Your KPIs

KPI charts allow you to pinpoint the key indicators that are most critical to reaching your sales targets, such as the ranking of leads, the ranking of sales amounts, etc. You can easily identify where improvements are needed

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Identify Problems in Comparison

Analyze the directions and degrees of variations within the comparison period, using Month on Month/Year on Year comparisons to review sales trends.

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Trend Analysis
See the Trends Affecting Your Business

You can quickly see the trend of the campaign effect through the dashboard.

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You can view sales on a map and gain insight into the geographical distribution of your business.

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