Optimize the interface performance of list pages and details pages to improve data access efficiency
Optimize lookup relationship field filter field
Optimize report export and report support for long text area fields
Optimize and upgrade dynamic layout rules
Upgrade the on-site service cloud distribution rules and dispatch rules, etc.
Business Opportunity/Quotation/Order/Invoice/Purchase Order, support adding sub-products when creating and editing.
he sales funnel on the home page supports penetration viewing of records and details corresponding to each stage.
The start and end time of check-in can be set as read-only.
The report on the mobile terminal supports horizontal screen display.
After the attachment is downloaded, it supports opening and previewing with the mobile phone's local application.
The home page briefing module supports penetration viewing of detailed records.
Dashboard charts, support for viewing detailed records through penetration. (bar chart, column chart, pie chart, ring chart, target dashboard)
The task list supports configuring the fields that need to be displayed.
The dashboard, ring chart, and the middle support displaying summary data.
In the Approval Center, files can be downloaded.