Find All-in-one Campus Administration in CloudCC Education Cloud

CloudCC Education CRM with its more intuitive interface and powerful customized platform is widely loved by users in the education/training industry.
CloudCC Education Helps You Achieve
Admission Rate
Enrollment Efficiency
Sales Cycle
Administration Cost
Attrition Rate
Why CloudCC Education?
Education Marketing Drill down potential students
Expand Admission Automated student admission enhances enrollment efficiency
Lighten Administration Load Digitized management suits all scenarios
Smart Course Management Handy scheduling, attendance tracking, and multiple pricing
Data Analysis Ultimate data analysis tools support the campus operation
Courses Promotion
CloudCC Education Cloud helps you to deliver optimized course campaigns that reach the right customers to raise exposure and attract students.
Track key metrics, auto-calculate ROI, and analyze promotions' performance
Improve the quality of your MQLs via social media, online auto-enroll, live chat...
Track web visitors and ensure no customer leakage or lost opportunities
Serve students and customers with mass emailing and SMS
Students Enrollment
CloudCC Education Cloud aims for conversion and exponential growth in student enrollment.
Fill in the registration form online and the students will go to the system automatically
Lead pool routes students to the right person to follow up one-to-one
Use tasks and events to automatically follow students
See top analytical reports and know the conversion rate
Sections Management
Manage diverse curriculum with Course, Section and Class with ease. Build a trinity of courses, students, and faculty to support standardized operation.
Easily calculate all expenses with the scale of tuitions and fees
Assist fine management by recording class appointments and attendance
Customizable question bank and survey template are ready to use
Send, collect, and analyze questionnaires of course assessment to raise the educational quality
Organize all classrooms, capacity, and utilization rate. Let data secure school operation
Students Management
Organize student enrollment information in the cloud. Reduce manual work for administrative teams and avoid prospects loss.
Intelligent lifecycle management from registration, course-choosing, and course-scheduling to fees payment
Record students' courses, class hours, payments, attendance, and awards...
See courses campaigns under enrollment information and know the ROI
Cloud-based software stores all students' files.
Faculty Management
Digitized faculty management records all information of teachers, including title, class hours, number of students...
E-contract is ready to organize teacher's contracts
Course information is linked to the teacher's calendar. Automatic reminders safeguard worry-free classes
Refine the bankroll with automatic calculation of class hours, fees, and detailed items.
Register alternative teachers to ensure classes run smoothly
Collect and analyze questionnaires to improve teaching and service quality
Data Analytics
CloudCC pre-set reports and dashboards are available out of the box to provide analytical references for edu-operations, giving the administrative team an overview of marketing, payment, and class hours.
Student Reports
Marketing Campaign Reports
Payment Reports
Prospective Students Report