Instant Response for Instant Satisfaction

Instant messaging is by far the fastest and most convenient way to communicate. You can chat with customers online to learn about their concerns, and provide timely and accurate help.
Embed Chat Widgets on Web or Mobile
Place the chat widget code provided to you by CloudCC where you want it, with both web and mobile support. So customers can immediately get in touch with your customer service agent when the customers can't find what they want in your help center, and your agent can respond and help them find answers faster.
Transfer Live Chat to Improve Customer Service Efficiency
Customer service representatives can directly transfer the chat to other customer service or skill group members during the conversation, so that experts with matching skills can handle the problem to achieve that "making the best use of the resources", and customer service agents can complete their work more efficiently.
Overflow Assignment of Chat, Never Miss Any Messages
If the number of customers received by a customer service representative exceeds the upper limit, the customer can be assigned to a designated skill group member or a notification will be sent to the administrator. Effectively assign customer service chats based on the actual situation, so the customer service team will not miss any customer messages.
Convert Chat Messages into Cases
Chat conversations or time-out unanswered messages can be converted directly to cases. Customer service agents can view all message records in the follow-up, and have more time and energy to track and deal with customer problems.
Get Service Feedback on Live Chat
When interacting with customers, it's important to know if customers find customer service answers useful. The agents can now easily get customer feedback, with a customer satisfaction ratings in the chat window.
Customer service robot can take on the role of customer service agent in the absence of a human agent, and it can automatically answer customer questions and provide relevant solutions with knowledge articles. Over time, the robot will also learn and improve its problem-solving abilities.
Convert Visitors to Leads and Discover New Business Opportunities
Customer service representatives can convert new visitors into leads to help companies develop more customers and explore more business opportunities.