Conference Marketing
Sales Rep Solicitation
Generate invitation QR codes for each sales rep. They can promote their personal invitation code to their prospects, friends, family members, customers, or other contacts. At the end of campaigns, sales managers can see how many interested parties were brought in by each sales rep and how many new potential clients were acquired.
Marketing Channel
Generate QR codes for every channel of your campaigns, no additional investment in other apps is required. You can promote campaigns, like webinars or conferences. Attracting potential customers by posting these QR codes on the subway, elevators, website, etc. Prospects register with unique QR codes, and you can easily determine the lead source.
Digital Sign-In
On the day of a campaign or conference, the attendees simply show staff their unique invitation QR codes on a mobile device, scan it, and CloudCC will update with the latest information. When the campaign is completed, trace the lead source and develop more campaigns and channels based on this information to obtain a greater number of potential clients.