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8 Best Free CRM Apps for Small Business

August 14, 2019

Great customer relationships are invaluable at the every business stage and especially important for small business. If you want to maintain a better relationship with your clients, using a free CRM app for small business is a great option to get started.

The best free CRM app is tailored to improve your cross-sells, team collaboration and overall business management efficiency, which makes it a handy addition to your small business. In case you’re planning to get this software, and wondering which one makes the cut, here’s a list of 8 best free CRM apps for your selection.

8 Best Free CRM Apps for Small Business 

To save you the hustle, here are 8 best CRM platforms for every business from small to large business for your references:

1. HubSpot CRM App

HubSpot CRM app is one of the best free CRM applications that offer all the necessary tools for organizing, managing, tracking, and handling your leads. You also get ample resources to track your campaigns. HubSpot offers the necessary tools for tracking and managing your email marketing campaigns.


• It is free for storing one million business contacts.
• Simple interface.
• Great resources for tracking and managing your campaigns.
• Great tools for handling leads.


• Customer support can improve.
• Deals Dashboard can get quite clumsy.

2. CloudCC CRM App

CloudCC is also one of the best free CRM Apps. It is ideal for small business across multiple industries. It is simple to operate, feature-rich and incredibly efficient. The best part: its mobile CRM app is equipped with multiple features as its web-based CRM version.

Pros of CloudCC CRM App

Cons of CloudCC CRM App

The free plan covers most of features but you have to upgrade to use the Sales Funnel feature.

Want to try CloudCC CRM App for free?Click here to get started now.

3. FreshSales RM App

Another free online CRM application is FreshSales . This CRM app is also good for the small business users. It lets you handle your leads and sales more efficiently. The best part: it also ensures better data integration with Zapier.


• Its sprout plan offer unlimited free users.
• Allows access to unlimited users.
• Feshdesk feature is very helpful in ticketing.


The free plan has lots of limitation:
E.g. you have to pay for multiple features such as SMS Integration, Lead Scoring, Lead assignment, Smart forms and event tracking, and Time-based Workflow, etc.

4. Zoho CRM App

This is one of best free CRM applications that’ll grow with your growing company. It has advanced features like Page Layouts, advanced customization options, Lead Scoring and Business process mapping.


•  Scales up according to your growing business
• Integrated with useful business apps such as Google Apps, MailChimp, QuickBooks, etc.
• You can use it as a social media management app to edit your Facebook and Twitter accounts.


• The CRM App sometimes seems to be a little slow and laggy.
• The UI and notifications is not so user-friendly, and sometimes it needs too many clicks.

5. CRM App is also listed in top free CRM apps that bring sales representatives, marketers and customer service professionals under a single platform. comes with plenty of features that let you track and manage your leads.


• has a free plan for up to 2 users.
• Help you analyze your marketing campaigns better
• Easy to configure and use.


• Many of the features in the desktop version are not available in the mobile app.
• The free plan doesn't have the features of Automation and Customizable layouts.

6. Insightly CRM App

When it comes to free CRM app, Insightly is a great free online CRM application for building and nurturing customer relationships. It is suitable for small business users to build customer relationships, generate quotes, accelerate sales and deliver projects.


• Free for 2 users
• Ensures smooth integrations with other marketing solutions
• Custom email templates: Has a range of customized email templates.


• Responsiveness can improve.
• Functions are limited.

7. Apptivo CRM App

Apptivo is another best free CRM apps. This app comes with features of sales & marketing, billing & support, reporting, advanced search functionalities, and saved views, etc. It enables small business users to manage business tasks across the customer life cycle.


• Free for 3 users
• Very simple to operate
• It is well integrated with Google Apps


• A basic CRM app with very limited features.
• The contact management is not so convenient.

8. Agile CRM App

Agile CRM App is also one of the best free CRM apps. You can use it to track visitors of your website which is important for analyzing customer behavior. Moreover, with its social media integrations, you can respond to posts and comments and post on different social channels like Facebook and Twitter.


• Free for 10 users
• Good task management for updating task status, sorting tasks, etc.
• Email integration- Sync your data with email services like Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Gmail.


• The free plan has no features of Email Campaigns, Contact Level Analytics, Form Builder, Email Templates Builder and Marketing Automation, etc.
• The workflow for creating emails and campaigns make users confusing

*All the data about the companies mentioned in this article are referred from related websites as of July, 2019. Information and features are subjects to change. To report corrections, please contact us.

Bottom Line

Now that you know about the best 8 free CRM applications for small business including Hupspot, CloudCC and others, explore your options and choose the one that works best with your needs.

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