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6 Best Mobile Sales Apps for 2019

September 13, 2019

Having sales management mobile apps help the account managers to streamline, define and manage pipelines on the go without hassles. If you're lack of the mobile app ideas for sale service, here are six considered to be the best mobile sales apps for 2019. All of them can be your best helpers when you're running after better sales management.

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1. Salesforce Mobile App

Salesforce is one of the powerful CRM mobile sales apps companies use these days. It has many features such as sales opportunities, contact management, mass emails and customer service ticketing, starting at 25$ per user.

It offers an extensive suite of software including marketing automation, support, eCommerce and analytics apps.

Pros of Salesforce

● Up to 10 users can use this at a go.
● It has some features like lead scoring and forecasting tools.
● Salesforce offers a 14-day free trial of the essentials plan.

Cons of Salesforce

● It may not suit all business types.
● It requires a process-driven sales organization which may prove difficult.
● Security risk associated with keeping extensive data.

2.  CloudCC Mobile App

CloudCC is a very systematic and easy-to-use mobile sales app that empowers fantastic user experience with a series of powerful features. It has a very versatile marketing management tool that improves your return on investment (ROI) and the lead catch.

Pros of CloudCC Mobile Sales App

● It runs the business on the go.
● It has real-time forecasting.
● It can assess all your business activities with a great pricing point, suitable for any size of the company.
● It is one of the most affordable mobile sales apps for Android as well as iOS out there.  It can even work offline.
● With CloudCC, it is easy to interact with contacts and make great deals. All the relevant information you choose to capture will automatically be imported into the CloudCC system and a lead record will be generated.
● CloudCC helps in tracking sales calls, appointments, follow-up notes and customer conversations without hassles.
● With the help of a calendar and map on the CloudCC mobile sales app, you can easily plan field visits and meetings.

In a word, CloudCC enables you to:

√ Find and manage leads smarter
√ Build stronger and more solid customer relationships
√ Find and manage leads smarter
√ Sell more productively

3. HubSpot Mobile App

HubSpot mobile sales app is a free contact management choice with great functionality. It has a chat widget, smart form lead capture, email tracking and deal management. HubSpot is a powerful tool for service-based brands that use tactics such as landing pages, blogging and social media to generate leads and increase sales.

Pros of HubSpot Mobile App

● It is free and offers some features like contact management, deal management and email marketing.
● It can schedule tasks for later follow-up.
● It has many useful features for field sales reps, including an integrated business card scanner.

Cons of HubSpot Mobile App

● It may have security and data protection issues with centralized data.
● It takes time, and the initial production cost of implementation could be much.

4. Base Mobile Sales App

This is a high-priced CRM and mobile sales management app that provides pockets of features on your mobile device. Within such a mobile sales app, you can benefit from email productivity tools and insight notifications. This is a great mobile app idea for sales managers who need to use productivity features like email templates.

Pros of Base Mobile Sales App

● It is easy to use.
● It has an excellent interface with a consumer feel.
● It gives you unrestricted access to CRM on your mobile device.

Cons of Base Mobile Sales App

● There is no free plan outside of the limited-time free trial.
● It lacks features such as lead scoring.
● Base requires a pricing plan compared to other mobiles sales apps.

5. Apptivo Mobile App

Apptivo is one of the best CRM mobile apps a sales manager can opt for. It gives you access to interactions from prospecting to customer support through several specialized apps handling leads, work orders, help desk support, etc.

Pros of Apptivo

● It has a reasonable pricing point.
● It offers advanced features such as territory management, high level of file storage.

Cons of Apptivo

● Apptivo mobile sales app lacks a built-in business card scanner.
● It does not have geolocation capabilities, unlike CloudCC mobile sales app.

6. Zoho Mobile Sales App

Zoho is another cool app for sales managers. Zoho has the capabilities of combining sales, marketing and order management in one tool. This way, it collaborates efficiently without no hassles between these areas. It is an excellent mobile sales app for a sales manager who works with multiple departments to close deals.

Pros of Zoho

● Zoho mobile sales app facilitates team collaboration through its advanced features such as voice notes, access reporting and dashboard in real-time.
● It offers the ability to track tasks, events and log calls from a mobile device.

Cons of Zoho

● It lacks project management features and business card scanner.


Above listed mobile sales apps is the cream of the crop when it comes to mobile sales apps to work with effectively as sales managers. They are all easy to use and have tools to get your sales activities up and running. However, if you are looking for a mobile sales app with almost every features at a reasonable price, you should give CloudCC mobile sales app a shot.

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