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Best Project Management Charts for Project Planning

November 20 2023

Project management charts greatly help project managers plan, schedule and track progress on projects of all sizes. In,CloudCC CRM,Various types of charts and reports visualize the complex project data, helping you to clearly grasp the project progress and easily manage the project team to make every project a success story.

Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart gives you a visual representation of the current status of projects to help you track progress closely. The red and green colors are used to indicate the two different status of the project. Click the project list on the left to see the corresponding project overview in the Gantt chart on the right, so the project progress is clearly visible.

Resource Utilization Chart

With resource utilization chart, you can see how each team member is spending their time. View by day, week or month, or by selecting a custom date range in the calendar. Click the heat map/bar chart to switch the display method you like to show the use of personnel. Add new tasks for members with a single click.

Column Graph

Take users or customers as the dimension, count the number of projects that each user participates in and each customer is associated with, so that you can compare the number of projects for different subjects.

Comparison Chart

Statistics on the number of planned work hours and the actual work hours generated for each project allow you to make timely adjustments to projects with large deviations between these two types of hours.

Ranking List

Count the number of tasks and actual working hours of each user and ranking. The ranking can be switched by month, quarter, and year, making it easy for project managers to grasp the members’ workload.

Ring Chart

Display the project status with a ring chart to give you an idea of the number of tasks in each status in the project.


View the overdue days of each overdue task in the project to help you quickly locate urgent tasks and take action accordingly.