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Empower Sales Mobility with CloudCC CRM App: boost your sales performance!

December 07 2023

In today's highly competitive marketplace, it is critical to build deep relationships with your customers. cloudCC CRM introduces an innovative Sales Dynamics module designed to assist sales teams in easily recording, tracking, and managing every key sales interaction through the CloudCC CRM mobile app.

1. Easy Mobile Access: Easily navigate to the sales record via the CloudCC CRM mobile app and click on the Activity button.

2. Intelligent check-in at any time: With one click, the system will automatically get the exact current location information to ensure the accuracy of the record.

3. Instant Mobile Publishing: Quickly publish sales visit dynamics via mobile devices, ensuring that every interaction is clearly documented, no matter when or where.

Feature Highlights:

· Mobile Versatility: Easily create tasks, events, recordings, emails, groups, posts, files, links, polls, and more with the CloudCC CRM mobile app.

· Anytime, Anywhere Visibility: Newly created content is easily accessible in the "My Followed" section of the Dynamic Module, which improves information retrieval even when you are on the go.

With the Sales Dynamics module in the CloudCC CRM mobile app, sales teams can manage customer interactions professionally and efficiently, helping them to improve sales performance anytime, anywhere!