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Elevating Business Strategies with CloudCC Budgeting: A Triumph by Olivia Rodriguez

March 1, 2024

Olivia Rodriguez, at the helm of a software company with approximately 200 dedicated employees, recognizes the pivotal role of key customers in today's competitive business landscape. Striving to gain deeper insights into the costs and benefits associated with each customer, Olivia turned to CloudCC Budgeting for a solution.


Estimation Stage:

Guiding her sales team through a business opportunity in the CloudCC system, boasting an estimated contract amount of $550,000, Olivia harnessed CloudCC's "budget estimate" feature. Olivia meticulously estimated sales expenses ($2,500) and product costs ($52,000). Collaborating with pre-sales manager Maria Martinez, they evaluated pre-sales expenses and working hours.

Working in tandem with Maria, the system calculated pre-sales working hours cost ($2,800) and additional expenses ($700). The final estimated gross profit and margin were calculated at $442,000 and 80.36%, respectively.

Actual Accounts during Estimation:

Subsequently, actual costs were incurred. Sales expenses amounted to $1,900, and pre-sales costs were $600. CloudCC's expense module facilitated reimbursement, with these expenses integrated into the final accounting module and profit and loss section.

Budgeting Stage:

Following successful collaboration between sales and pre-sales, a contract was signed for $500,000. The budget under the contract included sales expenses ($600), delivery expenses ($7,000), delivery hours (1,600Hrs), delivery labor cost ($92,000), corporate costs ($12,000), and product costs ($48,000). The calculated budget gross profit and rate were $339,400 and 67.88%, respectively.

Final Accounts during Budget Stage:

Post-budget implementation, expenses for sales and delivery were reimbursed ($300 and $6,800, respectively). The system facilitated tracking of actual expenses and costs, ensuring adherence to budgetary constraints.

Profit Analysis Using CloudCC:

Olivia Rodriguez harnessed CloudCC's accounting features to assess profits. The Class B final gross profit was calculated at $341,300 with a rate of 68.26%. Meanwhile, the Class P final gross profit, accounting for actual expenses, stood at $244,900 with a rate of 48.98%.

CloudCC Impact on Enterprises:

Olivia Rodriguez emphasized, "CloudCC Budgeting provided clarity on costs and gross profits during the business opportunity proposal stage. It allowed us to make informed decisions, preventing unnecessary cost investments if an order wasn't secured. The platform showcased actual expenses and costs line by line, enabling a clear understanding of the ultimate earnings."

CloudCC Budgeting, integrated within CloudCC CRM's full scenario CRM framework, proves to be a transformative tool for enterprises. Its customer-centric approach addresses market exploration, business transformation, and end-to-end operations. By solving the most intuitive challenges faced by businesses, CloudCC not only helps quantify earnings but also provides insights into financial, material, and human-related aspects. The platform empowers enterprises to thrive by improving efficiency, customer relationships, and overall profitability.