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CloudCC Debuts Faculty Management System to Handle Faculty Whole Life Circle Efficiently

September 23, 2019

California, Sept 23, 2019 - We have debuted our enhanced faculty management system that empowers the business world to handle faculty whole life circle efficiently. It also aligns well with our goals to provide users with easy, effective and affordable CRM solutions and to exceed the expectation of every user.

Best Faculty Management System

According to the Faculty Management Solutions Market Outlook by 2026, North America dominates the global market due to rapid adoption of faculty management systems for better education administration via a portal while the market in Europe is estimated to expand at a rapid pace during the forecast period due to high adoption of faculty management systems. Demand for these systems in Asia Pacific is estimated to rise owing to the increase in IT spending in the education industry. Moreover, growth in the education industry further boosts the market in the region. Where there is a need, there will “always” be a supply. This is why we launch a comprehensive faculty management system to help achieve optimum performance of the education industry.

What is faculty management system?

Faculty management systems are used to manage the activities involved in the education industry, designed for institutions such as colleges, schools, and universities. They not only enable systematic, efficient, and smooth day-to-day functioning, but also help maintain faculty information related to staff qualification and skills. A good-enough faculty management system like CloudCC CRM can be also used to optimize work allocation to faculty based on the type of job or occupation, present the time schedules of each staff member with no conflicts and even customize teaching periods and assign classes to specific members of staff.

What makes CloudCC Faculty Management System confident to compete in this promising yet challenging industry?

E-Recruitment Management

By putting everything electronically, our E-recruitment module greatly reduces administrative hassles and all the tedious and repeated hiring processes.

Better E-Recruitment Management

√ Users can make full use of the E-recruitment module to store and sort information from job applicants all in one place. Once users decide to have an interview with an applicant, a simple click on the E-recruitment module can let users schedule an interview appointment on the calendar and send out a confirmation email to the applicant at once.

√ Users can flexibly create job vacancies based on the corresponding hiring needs. Once the vacancies are published, users can wait for applicants to hand in their resumes and information electronically.

√ Users can easily send the offer letter/rejection letter through our module based on the decision after interview. Upon the applicant’s acceptance, users can create a faculty account for the applicant in one click.

Effective Course Management

Our course management module enables users to effectively assign sections to instructors or assign instructors to sections in the specific field with the expected workload. This helps to reduce instructors’ workload in case of anything happens and improve education quality as well.

√ Based on different variables (status, type of instructors, etc.), users can assign different workload to the instructors and reasonably adjust the assigned workload of the instructors.

√ Based on workload and instructors’ qualifications, users can either choose to assign a section of course to an instructor from a list of qualified instructors, or assign a specific instructor to teach a section from course of his/her field of study.

√ Users can also print out a contract to the adjunct instructors when users decide to assign sections to them simply with filling out the amount of salary they want to pay.

How to Manage Course Effectively

Simplified Contract & Payroll Management

Contract & Payroll management module facilitates users to process contracts rapidly and keep track of your payment to instructors.

Once a course section is assigned to an instructor, a contract will be automatically generated. The assigned instructor will then receive a notification on the home page saying that he/she is assigned to teach a section and asking if he/she wants to accept this offer. If accepting this offer, the assigned instructor can sign the contract online; Or if the instructor refuses this offer, the status of this contract will become “rejected” and wait for further actions.

Moreover, users can create records to keep track of every contract from the school and record everything from balance to start/end date of the payment. The amount of payment, amount paid, and balance for individual payment record will be automatically summed up, making your whole audit experience much easier. All these save lots of time and paperwork.

Accurate Faculty Evaluation

The faculty evaluation management can be done online effortlessly. Supervisors and committee members from the school are authorized to write evaluations to the corresponding subordinates by virtue of our faculty evaluation module. The module helps to automatically store the evaluation, calculate points gathered from this evaluation and then post it on the profile page.

Both default survey templates and customizable templates at question bank for student survey are available. CloudCC provides short answers and scoring questions for users to customize the survey more easily. Once the survey is made, users can copy the link generated on that survey page and send it to students within seconds to conduct this survey. Of course, more detailed information about this survey will be also viewable for further interest.

Smooth Faculty Communication

Our faculty communication module enables secure message communications over a specific subject with authorized faculty or over a big or general event with a group of members.

For communication on a specific subject, our faculty communication module only allows the certain authorized ones to see, join and communicate over it securely (candidate determination on job position, evaluation of a specific person, contracts, etc.).

However, for announcement, research or other purposes, our faculty communication module offers a posting board that allows users to share posts, links, and files with the public or a certain group of people. Additionally, the users can conduct polls on the posting board to investigate certain trends or make certain decisions.

How to Achieve Easy Faculty Communication

Our comprehensive faculty management system definitely enhances the efficiency of teachers from recruiting to teaching and improves the productivity and rationality of course allocation. Moreover, it connects faculty seamlessly based on the effective collaboration and enables unlimited on-demand customization.

“Faculty management at schools, colleges and universities is a complex process while handling these operations manually is also challenging. No worries! Our dedicated faculty management system comes to turn faculty's full lifecircle management into a easy, effective, reliable and enjoyable experience like never before - that's how we have found ourselves to be successful.” said Martin Sun, CloudCC founder.

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