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CloudCC Greatly Boosts the Productivity of Scheduling Appointments

October 29, 2019

California, Oct 29, 2019 - We have proudly rolled out the Online Appointment Scheduling feature which lets users put the available schedule online so customers can book appointments based on open time slots. In an attempt to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and business productivity, CloudCC CRM has improved its app accessibility, platform usability & simplicity, function diversity and design readability for enterprise users and developers by virtue of a series of recent unrivaled announcements.

Nowadays, meetings are essential for any growing business. No matter in any meeting, the online scheduling is an important (and deeply related) area that needs to pay attention to, especially for those who own an appointment-based business. More and more powerful appointment scheduling tools emerge constantly to address the complexity and inefficiency that may occur in this process. As mentioned by Global Appointment Scheduling Software Market Research, the global appointment scheduling market is expected to be valued at 360 million USD by the end of 2023, growing at a CAGR of 15.1% between 2017 and 2023.

However, CloudCC takes over the market strongly in this field. It serves as not only the CRM software to build meaningful and successful customer relationship management, but also a systematic appointment scheduling tool to book, reschedule and cancel appointments on any device.

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Why CloudCC Can Shine Brilliantly on the Appointment Scheduling Market?

● Hassle-free Meeting Scheduling

If outdated scheduling processes are still in place at the business because “that’s how it’s always been”, the business will get left in the dust. Why not ditch a slow and painful scheduling process and exploit CloudCC CRM tailored for any size of business?

With Appointments, sending a link is all it takes. It serves as a way to convey the exact hours or even minutes of the day users want to spend dealing with a particular meeting. Customers can pick an available time to meet while the meeting organizer can move on with the day. It is no longer hard to start managing the meeting time like a pro in a hassle-free way.

● Say Bye to Endless Back-and-Forth

Scheduling a meeting often requires 5 or even more emails sent back and forth with meeting partners before stakeholders can find a time slot that fits both sides. CloudCC empowers users to say bye to endless back-and-forth from now on!

CloudCC enables users to set up the personal available schedule and email the link within several clicks efficiently. Users will see how easy it is to schedule and manage all appointments with no more time-consuming calls, emails, or text messages. No longer hard to reach more leads, book more meetings, and close more deals with unnecessary cycles and repetitions.

● No More Mix-ups or No-shows

Once a time is booked, a confirmation email will get sent and the CloudCC Calendar, as well as events, will be updated automatically. Everyone is on the same schedule and properly prepared. This would allow any business to streamline scheduling processes and ultimately save hours of time. The most up-to-date information drives no more mix-ups or no-shows effectively, which makes sure the internal and even external management runs like clockwork.

● Keep Each Schedule Handy

According to new data from comScore, in 2016, for the first time in history, people spent more time on mobile devices than on desktop computers. Over the past few years, some in the media industry have suggested Internet users have been deserting desktops and instead “going mobile”. CloudCC has deeply rooted in social trends and strives to render exceptional mobile services so that users can keep each schedule handy. It is quite convenient to schedule the appointments, check the availability for each day, or plug in breaks right from the smartphone or tablet with such an app on the go that's flexible to reach.

With the benefits of online scheduling and customer management coming to the forefront these years, moving forward, more and more industries are expected to implement these two areas. However, both of them can become as easy as a piece of cake when users use CloudCC CRM as the backbone of the business.

“Better scheduling meetings means you’re also better organizing and growing your business over time. By leveraging the latest technology, we can now help each distinguished user enjoy a simplified yet powerful online appointment scheduling process. ” said Martin Sun, CloudCC founder, “The delivery of ultimate and distinctive user experience always lies at the heart of all our innovations. This feature (Online Appointment Scheduling) is no exception.”

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