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CloudCC Partner Cloud Connects You with Partners Such as Agents and Service Providers

October 21 2023

CloudCC helps you establish partner portals to connect your agents, distributors, and service providers. Here are key features of our Partner Cloud that can benefit your business:

• Customized Partner Portals: Tailor partner portals to suit different collaborators. Configure distinct modules and access permissions for each. Contact individuals can sign up as partner users through self-registration. You retain the flexibility to revoke access and close portals without data loss.

• Announcement Module: Keep your partners updated with the latest notifications and news through the Announcement module. Easily share product updates or seasonal promotions with different collaborators.

• Chatter for Collaboration: Utilize Chatter to facilitate discussions and collaboration within CloudCC. Share sales materials on record detail pages, ensuring complete transparency in sales results for seamless communication between upstream and downstream businesses.

• Approval Workflows: Partner Cloud includes CloudCC approval feature. Create opportunity registration and approval processes, allowing distributors to submit opportunities for review by their managers. Approved opportunities can be seamlessly forwarded to upstream sales representatives for further evaluation.

• Electronic Contract Support: Partner Cloud supports the use of DocuSign and Fadada for signing legally binding electronic contracts with partners. Contracts can be easily archived for reference and compliance purposes.

With CloudCC Partner Cloud, you can build strong relationships with your partners, foster collaboration, and enhance communication. The ability to configure portals, share information, and streamline approval processes makes it a powerful tool for businesses looking to optimize their partnerships and drive growth.