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CloudCC CRM Mobile APP New Function: Contact Customers Quickly

November 18 2023

In the business world, information is power, and the new intelligent global search function of CloudCC CRM Mobile APP makes it easier for you to grasp information and realize a smarter way of working.

1. One-touch information search:

- Through the intuitive search interface of CloudCC CRM Mobile APP, you can find the information you need in one touch.

- Intelligent search engine quickly locates contacts, accounts and other related data, making it easier to access information.

2. Convenient access anytime, anywhere:

- Open CloudCC CRM Mobile APP to access key information easily from any location.

- No longer restricted by location, so your work can be carried out anytime and anywhere.

3. Directly initiate a phone call:

- No more cumbersome steps, directly initiate a phone call through the search results.

- Make connections with contacts quickly and make your marketing strategy more efficient.

Improve work efficiency, accelerate decision-making, accurate marketing, in CloudCC CRM Mobile App's new intelligent global search function. Experience it now and get more out of your work.