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Customize Your Own CRM Homepage to Improve Work Efficiency!

October 05 2023

How to view data more quickly, fill in data, and customize forms commonly used has become a problem that most CloudCC users are eager to solve!

With the continuous improvement of CloudCC's customization capabilities, today's homepage dashboard can become a one-stop business processing platform for complex applications!

With statistics that show a 3800% ROI on email marketing, the return on investment for businesses on email marketing is huge. Planned, high-quality email content is pleasing to the eye, and after learning about a company's products and services can pique a person's interest in learning more. Through a series of ongoing email campaigns, the marketing department can provide a steady stream of quality leads for the organization. But all of this is only possible if you can legally obtain the email address of the other party;

Below we will list several common business scenarios to help you quickly feel the value of the application homepage.

⭐️In customer relationship management, the homepage allows us to see the current sales data, business opportunity data, company sales funnel, etc. at a glance. We can also quickly jump to forms such as leads, customers, opportunities, etc. to submit relevant data. At the same time, we can also view more updates. Detailed data dashboard, such as analysis of contract orders, etc.

⭐️In order management, the application homepage allows us to quickly see sales reports and purchase reports for each order, each period, and clearly see the data details of each order. We can also quickly jump to the submission or submission of other forms and dashboards. View the page and find the data you need immediately.

⭐️In after-sales service management, through the use of work orders, personnel, and asset distribution maps, managers can understand the needs and personnel allocation of different areas. Record the data of the whole service process, and you can customize charts for service data statistics. Adjust service decisions based on data feedback results.

⭐️For personnel administrators, the homepage can help them check the company's employee structure, recruitment information, salary status, etc. It can also quickly handle business, perform personnel approval and administrative applications, etc.

⭐️In the production management scenario, the application homepage can help employees quickly check the production data and equipment data of each workshop, complete statistical analysis of various indicators, and can also immediately fill in relevant data.

⭐️For project managers, we can design a task progress Gantt chart on the homepage, clearly view the scheduling of each task, monitor delays, and conduct cost analysis. The data is clearly visible and clear at a glance.