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Customized Personalized Dealer Sites

September 23 2023

In CloudCC system, dealers can use different sites to access the system and customize the style of each site, including configuring different dealers' logos, introductory pictures, quick access portals and short introductions and other information.

Multi-site access:

The CloudCC system allows resellers to create multiple sites, each with a unique domain name. This means that different resellers can use different sites to access the system, allowing for a personalized user experience.

Customized Site Styles:

Dealers can customize the style of each site based on their branding and needs. This helps the site to be consistent and recognizable with the dealer's brand. By uploading their own logo, dealers can highlight their brand identity in the system, enhancing brand visibility and providing a sense of familiarity to partners. Each site can be accompanied by a short introductory message, which helps provide basic information about the dealership and its features to users visiting the site. Personalized Feature Configuration: Each dealership can customize the site's feature set based on their unique needs and business model. For example, they can configure different dashboards, reports, permissions, workflows, and data views to suit their specific workflow.

Cloudcc provides downstream dealers with a more personalized and convenient system access experience through different simple configurations, as well as a powerful tool for brand management and marketing.