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CloudCC CRM — Enhancing Pricing Strategies: Unlocking Price Book Features

October 17 2023

In today's competitive global marketplace, developing a differentiated pricing strategy is critical to success.

We are proud to introduce the Price Book feature in the Partner Portal, a powerful tool in the CloudCC CRM Partner Cloud for granular management of order prices across different resellers. With price manuals, you can create dedicated price manuals for each reseller, thus authorizing them with different products and prices and ensuring that they buy your products at a price that suits their needs. Then, simply activate the applicable price book and dealers will be able to view their specific prices as soon as they place an order.

1. Steps to set up a price book:

Create a price book for each dealer and configure the products and prices in it; activate the appropriate price book to ensure that dealers can see their customized prices when they place an order.

2. steps for assigning price manuals:

Go to the details page of the price book you want to enable for the reseller, click on "Partner Order Access" in the upper right corner, and select the reseller you want to activate the price book for.

3. Steps to switch price book:

During the ordering process, when a dealer needs to switch price manuals, they can also select the price manual they want to choose on the left side of the ordering platform and start selecting the products they need.

Please note that it is recommended to enable one price manual per dealer to streamline the order placing process and reduce unnecessary hesitation and confusion.

In CloudCC CRM, The price book feature gives you the ability to control and personalize your pricing, helping you to strengthen your market position and meet the diverse needs of your dealers. In a global marketplace, our price book feature also gives your organization a greater competitive advantage.