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How to Get More Email Addresses of Company Website Visitors?

October 06 2023

Every business that has its own company website wants its company's products, services, competitiveness, and culture to be delivered to every visitor who is browsing the website. Before a visitor enters your CRM system and becomes leads, you need to get the visitor's contact information, especially their email address, in every way possible.

Why email addresses?

With statistics that show a 3800% ROI on email marketing, the return on investment for businesses on email marketing is huge. Planned, high-quality email content is pleasing to the eye, and after learning about a company's products and services can pique a person's interest in learning more. Through a series of ongoing email campaigns, the marketing department can provide a steady stream of quality leads for the organization. But all of this is only possible if you can legally obtain the email address of the other party;

Convenient and elegant online chat channel

You can integrate CloudCC CRM with Livechat and deploy Livechat on your official website, visitors can interact with your online seat via text via Livechat at any time during page browsing. After some visitors have browsed multiple pages, you can also have your agents use pop-up boxes to proactively interact with them, using greetings that make them feel welcome.

Sign Up Now Buttons Everywhere

What if a visitor is interested in your product and wants to leave his or her information but can't find the quick-access leave a comment button? It is recommended that you keep a Register Now button on every page, so that if the visitor wants to leave their information at any time, they don't need to find the only register button or jump back to the page they have visited before.

Social Media Buttons

Link the company's official social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., to the official website, and also add a redirect to the official website on each of the company's social media accounts. Provide an easy entry point for customers to leave their email. Of course you need to keep the social media active, keep updating the company's social media with some frequency, post some new articles or ideas and interact with your subscribers.