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Standardized Service Management For Partner

January 04 2024

Standardized Service Management for partners typically refers to establishing and maintaining consistent and efficient processes, procedures, and practices when working with external partners or service providers. Service agents use CloudCC Partner Cloud to complete the service process, helping you to respond quickly to customer service requests and improve customer satisfaction.

Register case

Register caseAgents can report their collected customer service requests to the headquarters through case reports, helping you manage customer service requests and follow up in time to improve customer satisfaction.

Receive Dispatch Orders

On the mobile app of the Service Cloud, partners can also collect dispatch orders from headquarters, accept orders, transfer orders, reject orders and other operations, and handle dispatch orders flexibly.

Service Delivery

After collecting the dispatch order, the partner can check the account address, sign in and perform service on the app. After the service ends, the engineer and the customer can complete the E-signature on the service report to confirm the end of the service.


Using Knowledge for service partners can standardize the service methods and processes of partners, and improve service efficiency and service quality.