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Competent Opportunities Management Promotes Deals

January 11 2024

Effective opportunities management is crucial for businesses and individuals seeking growth and success.CloudCC CRM presents the opportunity funnel in multiple ways to assist managing and advancing the sales opportunities and reduce the possibility of lost.

Opportunities Kanban

Under the Kanban view, you can get an overview of the opportunities and numbers under each deal's stage and see which expected revenues are about to complete and which deals need extra attention.

Stages and Possibility

With multiple products, services, and diverse sales processes in the enterprise, you can develop more than one sales path in CloudCC CRM by different business types and sales teams to match your sales strategy.

Opportunity Registration Approval

Create approval process of opportunity registration for employees and partners, so that new opportunities can only move forward once they have been approved, reducing the risk of order snap-ups and collision.

Maintain Opportunity Products

Maintain opportunity products under each opportunity record and auto-calculate the opportunity value.

Quick Quote

When advancing opportunities, you can keep track of prices, quantities, customer data, and other information anytime. The Quotes feature or the upgraded CPQ can generate quotes and email them to your customers with pre-set templates directly from the CRM.

Record Competitors

Record your competitors' information in each opportunity to see their strengths and weaknesses, helping you to better develop strategies and programs.

Opportunity Team and Follow-up

Manage sales team members and member roles in each opportunity and assign different data access to facilitate collaboration efficiently.

Tracking Transaction Data - Sale Funnel and Stage Advancement

View comprehensive reports on deals of the month, daily revenue, sales stages, and more at CloudCC. Utilize sales funnels, stage advancement charts, or dashboards and reports to identify bottlenecks in the sales process and discover potential opportunities.

Share the Joy of Winning Deals

Winning big deal is worth to celebrate. Share team's joy with workflows, triggers, CCChat, etc. Send notifications or emails in CloudCC to deliver good news.