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Cloud Innovation: Multi-Tier Role Hierarchy and Profile Customization

October 08 2023

Multi-Tier Role Hierarchy: Enhanced Data Management

● Two-Tier Role System: Within CloudCC Partner Cloud, every distributor can have a two-tier role system consisting of administrators and regular users. This hierarchical structure plays a pivotal role in data management. Administrators are granted elevated data access rights, allowing them to view all data of regular users under the distributor. In contrast, regular users are isolated from each other, preventing cross-access to data. This ensures data privacy and security while facilitating moderate data sharing.

● Personalized Data Permissions: The multi-tier role hierarchy empowers us to customize data permissions based on roles and responsibilities. Administrators can allocate distinct data access permissions to different roles, ensuring each user can only access information relevant to their tasks. This flexibility enhances data security and collaboration efficiency.

Profile Customization: Differential Operation Privileges

● Multiple Profiles: Partner Cloud supports multiple profile configurations, such as sales, customer service, and more. Each profile can be tailored to have distinct operation privileges based on specific job responsibilities. This means users can execute particular operations in the system aligned with their organizational roles, without interference from irrelevant options.

● Customized Operation Privileges: Profile customization allows us to precisely assign operation privileges to different user groups. Consequently, sales representatives can focus on sales activities, customer service personnel can prioritize customer service tasks, all without being distracted by unrelated operational choices. This enhances the overall user experience and operational efficiency.

Through the multi-tier role hierarchy and profile customization, CloudCC Partner Cloud offers refined data management and permission control. This promotes more efficient collaboration, ensures data security, and provides adaptability to cater to the diverse needs of various distributors. Our aim is to assist partners in standing out in a competitive global market, achieving higher collaboration efficiency.