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CloudCC Announcement Module: One-Click to Release the Latest Activities

September 19 2023

When vendors need to make announcements to partners about new product launches, discounts, and other important notices, the announcements feature is a powerful tool for you.

Below are the main benefits of the Announcement feature:

Multiple Announcement Types

On the details page of an announcement record, you can select different types of announcements, such as promotions, new product launches, holiday notices, etc. This categorization enables partners to find information relevant to them more easily and improves the effective communication of information.

Top Announcement

Putting important notification announcements on top ensures that they are displayed first in the bulletin board, thus drawing more attention from partners. This is useful for information that needs to be highlighted specifically, such as special offers or urgent notices.

Instant Publishing

By adding new announcement content and publishing it, you can ensure that the information appears instantly on the bulletin board of the user's homepage. This means that partners are able to view the latest developments at any time, facilitating faster feedback and action.

Improve partner interaction

The announcements feature promotes closer contact with partners. Partners can interact with you by replying, asking questions or commenting, providing feedback or seeking further information, thus promoting deeper collaboration.

All in all, the announcement function is a powerful communication tool in CloudCC system, which can help vendors and their partners keep in close contact and ensure the timeliness and effectiveness of information delivery. This is crucial to building strong relationships and driving business growth.