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Partner Collaboration

December 09 2023

Partner collaboration refers to the process of working together with external entities or individuals to achieve common goals, share resources, and create mutually beneficial outcomes. Collaboration with partners can occur in various forms and across different sectors, including business, technology, research, and more. CloudCC Partner Cloud connects you with partners such as agents and service providers. You can maintain partners' info via Accounts and Contacts, quickly open accounts for partners and assign functions, permissions to them, so that they can collaborate in CloudCC system and communicate efficiently.

Configure Portals and Menus

You can set up different portals for various partners and configure diverse modules and access permissions for them. Contacts can become partner users through self-registration. You can revoke access permissions of contacts and close the portal anytime without losing any data.


This module keeps your partners up-to-date with the fresh notice and news. You can publish new arrivals information or forward promotions of the season to different partners.


Through Chatter, partners can discuss and collaborate in CloudCC. Sharing sales materials on the details page of records and making all the sales outcome visible to facilitate communication between upstream and downstream enterprises.

Approval and Workflow

Partner Cloud also contains the CloudCC approval feature. Creating an opportunity registration and approval process allows distributors' reps to submit opportunities to their managers for review and, if approved, send them directly to upstream sales reps for further review.

Agreement Management

Support to sign E-contracts with legal effect with partners online using DocuSign and Fadada, and keep the contracts on file.