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Quotation Management

October 07 2023

Quotation management in a CRM system refers to the management and tracking of customer quotes through the system. Generally speaking, CRM systems can provide the following functions to support quotation management:

1.Developing quotation templates: CRM systems can customize various quotation templates, including product, service, pricing, discount, and other information, in order to quickly generate standardized quotations when needed.

2.Quotation generation and sending: The CRM system can generate a quotation from the quotation template based on the customer's needs and automatically send it to the customer. This can improve efficiency and reduce manual operations.

3.Quotation tracking: CRM systems can record the status and progress of each quotation, including sent, accepted, rejected, etc., for timely follow-up and adjustment.

4.Quotation history: CRM systems can store the quotation history of each customer for easy viewing and analysis, helping to understand customer needs and preferences and optimize quotation strategies.

5.Quotation analysis and reporting: CRM systems can generate various analysis reports based on quotation data, such as quotation success rate, sales volume, and profit margin, to help businesses understand the effectiveness of quotations and make decisions and improvements.

Through the quotation management function of the CRM system, enterprises can better manage and track quotation activities, improving sales efficiency and customer satisfaction.