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Revolutionize Your Sales Process with CloudCC CRM Game-Changing CPQ Solution!

October 17 2023

CloudCC is a comprehensive enterprise management software that includes the CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) functionality, which addresses the following issues:

Order Configuration: Configuring and combining complex products and services to generate customized orders that meet customer requirements. CloudCC's CPQ module helps salespeople quickly locate the desired products or services and generate the correct configuration in the order.

Pricing Management: Calculating the prices of individual elements in the order and determining the final price based on various rules and discounts. CloudCC's CPQ module automates the calculation of the final price based on product combinations, quantities, etc., and provides flexible management of pricing strategies and discount rules.

Quote Generation: With CloudCC's CPQ, quotes can be generated quickly, organized in a clear and understandable manner, and include all product, service, pricing, tax, and discount information. This helps salespeople provide more accurate quotes to customers, avoiding errors and omissions.

Order Management: CloudCC's CPQ module automates the creation of sales orders, handles order modifications, updates, and cancellations, tracks order status, and manages delivery and invoice activities. This enables salespeople to efficiently and accurately manage orders.

By leveraging CloudCC's CPQ functionality, businesses can optimize their sales processes, improve sales efficiency and accuracy, minimize errors and omissions, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction and profitability.