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Task Management for Project Teams

October 23 2023

Project task management is a critical component of overall project management, and its importance cannot be overstated. In CloudCC ,Decompose the project into milestones and tasks to better manage projects of varying complexity. Visualize project management through Kanban and Gantt chart to plan and track project progress efficiently, and show resource allocation with calendar to ensure you are in control of the entire project management process.


Assign tasks to project members, set working hours and keep track during the process. You can set task priority, further decompose complex tasks into subtasks, and record the actual time spent on each task through the timesheet.


Milestones are important targets for project progress. You can create different milestones for the project, set start date and end date, and assign people to be responsible for completing the milestones.


Kanban displays the milestones and tasks under the project in the form of cards. You can switch different display content, such as percentage, priority and milestone. Help you arrange all tasks into different columns, just drag and drop tasks between the columns to quickly update the task status.

Gantt Chart

The actual progress of tasks is clearly displayed in a graphical way, and the deviation of the project progress from the plan is clear at a glance. Help you plan your project and keep close track of progress to ensure it is proceeding normally and completed on time.


Task dependencies refer to the relationships between related tasks that specify the order in which these tasks must be executed. You can set up two types of dependencies, add pre/post tasks to the current task, and establish dependencies between these tasks.


View all project works in the calendar so that you can know future work plans. Manage your own schedule calendar to make each project work clearly visible. Add new tasks or schedule activities in the calendar, and master the work schedule of project members to improve schedule management efficiency.