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Team Communication Anytime, Anywhere

December 08 2023

In the dynamic business landscape, effective teamwork is the key to success. With the CloudCC CRM App, we present an all-in-one enterprise office gateway, facilitating real-time team collaboration wherever and whenever you need it.

1.One-Tap Group Chats:

• Initiate group collaborations instantly with a tap on the plus icon.

• In client or business opportunity details, click the message icon to transform it into a dedicated record group chat.

2.Flexible Group Management:

• Creators are group leaders, managing names and members with ease.

• Modify chat or collaboration names effortlessly, swiftly adding or removing members.

3.Real-time Activity Tracking in Groups:

• After creating a group collaboration, any new tasks or events trigger instant card notifications via the group assistant.

• Keep activities transparent for more efficient communication.

4.Effortless Monitoring of New Records:

• In record group chats, the group assistant promptly sends a card notification for new related list records.

• Easily get info on new records, such as added contacts or tasks.

The new Group Collaboration feature on CloudCC CRM Mobile App ensures simple operations, aiding your team in seamless cooperation and significantly boosting collaborative efficiency!