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Time Tracking For Project

November 06 2023

Time tracking is a digital tool that uses a unique identifier to clock an employee in and out. It is also often used to track time on specific projects or tasks. Time tracking software can be used by freelancers, teams, and businesses to improve efficiency, accurately bill clients, and gain insights into time utilization.

Labor cost is an important part of project management, and the time spent by project members in the project needs to be recorded. CloudCC Project Cloud provides working hours statistics to help you record the work hours of all projects and project-related personnel for better project management.

Record Your Work Hours

Each project has a time log where team members can record the daily work time spent and what was accomplished under specific tasks. These work time logs can be used to follow up the project progress and accurately identify work challenges.


Timesheet is used to record the actual hours each team member spent on project tasks and what they have done. The billing feature marks the work that needs to be charged to the customer. It also helps project managers to track project progress, identify project issues and resolve them quickly.

Planned Vs. Actual Work Hours

There will be data deviations between the planned completion time of project tasks and the actual completion time. The comparison of the two can help you evaluate your team's progress and improve your project plan.