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Enhancing Product Pricing Strategy: Unlocking CloudCC Tiered Pricing Functionality

October 24 2023

In today's highly competitive global market, devising an efficient product pricing strategy is paramount to success. We take pride in introducing the CloudCC CRM tiered pricing functionality, designed to better cater to the pricing strategies of manufacturers.

Configuration Process for CloudCC Tiered Pricing:

1. Review the object used to store detailed information about tiered discounts on the product entity, including quantity ranges and discount rates.

2. Click the button to open the tiered discount management page, allowing you to set different tiered discounts for each product, specifying quantity ranges and discount rates for each.

Dealer Ordering Process:

1. Access the product ordering page in CloudCC CRM Partner

2. Select the desired products and input the quantity in the quantity field. The system will automatically calculate the discounted price.

3. Add the product to the shopping cart, then click the "Submit Order" button to proceed to the order confirmation page.

This feature not only assists manufacturers in better managing product pricing strategies but also provides dealers with an exceptionally convenient order placement process. In the fiercely competitive market, the CloudCC Tiered Pricing feature will provide your business with a clear competitive advantage.